Amid coronavirus pandemic, online classes and video conferencing have become a major tool for education during the lockdown. One such e-class turned into a horrifying session for the students of class 6 in Kolkata. 

During the class, on Tuesday, June 23 some hackers interrupted the session by making indecent noises and threatening the girls of murder and rape. The hackers also started to write sexual comments in the chatbox. 

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Taken aback by the threats, the students informed their teachers and parents about the same after which the class was suspended. 

Passwords of e-class leaked? 

According to the initial report, there were two logins were created in the name of one student, TOI reported. The school officials are now investigating the matter to find out if passwords of the e-class were leaked by someone. 

With this incident, parents have now raised concerns over the safety of online classes and whether zoom meetings should be made a part of the school curriculum. 

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The Karnataka govt had recently ordered a ban on online classes for primary kids, from kindergarten to class 5, across the state especially those not affiliated to the state govt.

Other online classes related incidents

In the month of April, in a similar incident, an unknown man hacked into an online class in Gujurat and allegedly started masturbating. The National Commission for Women (NCW), had taken cognisance of the incident and had written to Gujarat Director General of Police (DGP), asking for probe in an incident.

 In April, an online class was hacked in Gujarat during which the hacker started masturbating. a probe was ordered after the incident as the national commission of women had written to Gujarat DGP regarding the issue. 

Earlier this month, a Class X girl student set herself ablaze and died in Valanchery, a town in Kerala's Malappuram district as she was unable to bear the sadness of not being able to attend the online class which began June 1.