At least six people were injured in an explosion near the Gandhi Maidan area on Monday, February 10. All the injured persons were rushed to the Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) where the condition of one person is said to be critical.


According to a senior police officer, the explosion took place in a house at Daldali Road near iconic Gandhi Maidan.

Gas cylinder caught fire? 

The intensity of the blast can be gauged from the fact that the nearby buildings were also affected due to its impact.

Upendra Sharma, SSP Patna said, 7 people have been injured in the incident. The doctor has said that they have superficial burns, not blast injuries. The forensics team will be here shortly. The victim has stated that she had gone to heat some water when the gas cylinder caught fire.

Investigation underway

Police said the injured persons include three children and two women. Residents of the area alleged that the blast was heard a few hundred meters away and claimed that it was not a cylinder blast but a bomb explosion. At least two houses in the vicinity were damaged, they said.

Senior Superintendent of Police Upendra Sharma said, "We have started an investigation. It is too early to say anything on the issue."