A patient died in an ambulance after the door got jammed for about 30 minutes.

Koyamon, 66, was being rushed to the Kozhikode Medical College hospital late on Monday from another hospital after being knocked down by a two-wheeler. However, precious time was lost when the door of the ambulance in which he was brought failed to open.

According to eyewitnesses, after the injured patient was brought to the hospital, despite the best efforts, the door of the ambulance failed to open.

People, including the driver of the ambulance, tried their best to open to take out the patient.

dead body
Representational Image: dead bodypixabay

Around 30 minutes was lost and it was opened only after an axe was used to break open the door .

By that time the patient breathed his last.

Koyamon was coming out after having his lunch from a hotel at Kozhikode, Kerala. As he was crossing the road, a two-wheeler knocked him down.

He was rushed to the nearby Beach hospital where the doctors decided to shift him to the Medical College hospital and the ambulance was arranged.

The hospital authorities have announced a probe.