Prime Minister Narendra Modi called the violence that marred the streets of Gujarat after the Patel agitation over OBC quote turned violent "a dance of death".

In what is termed to be his first reaction post the Patel rally violence in Gujarat that left 10 dead and hundreds injured, Modi described the widespread disturbances across the State as "hinsa ke thandav" (dance of death). 

"The recent incidents of violence in Gujarat have upset the entire nation. Whatever happens to the land of Gandhi and Sardar Patel, the nation is shocked and pained first," Modi said on Sunday in his 20-minute radio broadcast. He added that the State is peaceful now. 

A widespread violence broke out in Ahmedabad on 25 August, after the police arrested Hardik Patel, convener of the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti.

Objecting to the arrest, the Patel community protesters took to streets in Ahmedabad, and later clashed with the police.

Soon violence spread to other districts such as Banaskantha, Mehsana and Surat.