The year 2015 ended on a bad note for television actor Parth Samthaan, thanks to the scandalous WhatsApp group controversy. A leading entertainment portal recently released images of the WhatsApp group named 'wh**es and more wh**es' that features lewd messages.

After the screenshots of the group were released, television actors slammed Parth for creating that group. While "Yeh Hai Mohabbatein" actor Karan Patel slammed Parth in a series of tweets, Niti Taylor posted a statement on Twitter indirectly pointing out at Parth.

Apparently, the group consisted of a voice record in which Parth is abusing Niti, according to DNA. Disheartened by the voice note, Niti indirectly lashed out at her "Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan" co-star. In her statement, Niti mentioned about the telephonic conversation and an actor with whom she worked, but she did not name the actor. Read Niti's statement below: 

So finally heard the most disgusting statement via a telephonic recording about me from someone who I've been working with from so long. I'm stunned to see how someone can scoop down to such a level. Such people should unmask themselves and show the real self to the world out here. Though I really don't give two hoots about those who don't matter in my life but it's disheartening to see how some people can talk about women or anyone for a matter of fact. But still all I have to say is 'May the truth win'.

On Friday, Karan took to Twitter and slammed the actor for creating the WhatsApp group.

"@LaghateParth ... If what i have heard is true abt a watsapp group, which i hope is not, but if true ... Then my friend ... You shall repent @LaghateParth ... And trust me buddy any amount of bashing on social media will not change my mind ... U DO NOT DISRESPECT WOMEN .. Period," he tweeted.

He further clarified to his fans that his tweets are not in Parth's favour, in fact he is disappointed. "To all who think my tweet is in favour of @LaghateParth ... IT IS NOT ... If what i have heard is true then he has no idea whats hit him .!"

Meanwhile, Parth rubbished the rumours and said that someone hacked his social networking site and is now turning to frame him.

"No, you cannot implicate me. I know who your source is. I know where everything is coming from. Someone hacked my social networking sites and now creating trouble for me via this WhatsApp thing. I did not create any group. I am being framed," Parth told