Karan Patel
Karan PatelKaran Patel/Instagram

Karan Patel, who plays the lead role of Raman in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, warned his followers on Twitter about an impostor who was asking females for nude photos in the pretext of offering them roles in a bold show with a leading production house, last week. 

A video of the actor has also been uploaded on fake social media accounts to dupe women. Not just that, the impostor also guaranteed a meeting with Karan at a cost of Rs 5,000.

Before the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actor could learn about it and control the situation, he was already flooded with calls from across the country about paying to meet him.

However, Karan has now decided not to spare the impostor but take legal action against him. Talking to Bombay Times, a worried Karan said: "I recognized that video. I shot for this man a few years ago, as it was his idea to bring in new talent in the industry through his acting institute. I thought it to be a noble idea as that would give aspiring actors a chance to get a foothold in the industry."

"However, I was shocked to learn that the impostor uploaded the video online and has created several WhatsApp profiles with my picture, giving out the impression that it's me chatting with them. Since then, I have been receiving messages and posts from across the country, informing me about paying to meet me. At first, I thought someone was pulling a prank. When I realized the gravity of this situation, I posted a message to warn my fans about this fraud. What triggered my anger was the fact that he was asking girls to send their nude pictures, promising them roles in a bold show. I can take any bullsh*t, but not this. A woman's integrity can't be harmed and I won't leave him for this. I am in touch with my lawyers for an appropriate legal action against him," he added.

The actor also admitted that it was his mistake of not undergoing a thorough check on the man before shooting the video. "I haven't met this impostor in person. It was my biggest mistake to shoot the promotional byte without doing a thorough background check. I want to tell my peers to be careful about such frauds," he concluded.