Chester Castellaw is reportedly helping girlfriend Paris Jackson to cope with her grandfather Joe Jackson's recent health situation.

Joe suffered a stroke and three heart attacks while celebrating his 87th birthday in Brazil a few weeks ago. Although Paris has overcome so much in the past years, including her father Michael Jackson's death, a family insider told Radar Online that she was still very fragile.

"Paris is finally doing so well and has overcome so much, but she is still very, very fragile," the family insider said. "Paris is Joe's baby and she is his heart. She is the youngest of the female Jacksons and she is super close with her granddaddy."

Family insiders have reportedly been praising Castellaw, who has been in a relationship with the Michael Jackson's only daughter since March, for keeping Paris in good spirits.

"The Jackson family actually really, really likes Chester and they have done a thorough check on him and his family," another Radar Online source revealed in May. "They are not going to let just anyone steal the heart of their precious baby-girl."

"Chester is a really good influence on her and he keeps her healthy, sober and away from the Hollywood drama," said the source.

Recently, her guardian T J Jackson declared that he approved of Paris's relationship with the soccer player. "I approve of him. No one's perfect, but he's a good boy, so I approve of him… He treats her well. She's happy," TJ told ET. "It depends on which day you ask me. He's a good kid, he's an ambitious kid, you know."

However, like any guardian, TJ noted that the he keeps a close eye on the duo. "He's a teenage boy, so like any parent, guardian, step-parent or adopted parent, you gotta keep an eye on him. I was a young man too once, so I keep a close eye on him."

TJ, along with 85-year-old Katherine, was granted co-guardianship of the King of Pop's three children in 2012.