Parava, Dulquer Salmaan, Soubin Shahir
Dulquer Salmaan and Soubin Shahir's Parava releases on September 21Parava/Facebook

Malayalam movie Parava (bird), the debut directorial venture of comedian Soubin Shahir, finally hit 178 screens across Kerala on Thursday, September 21. The family entertainer will be releasing in other parts of India on Friday.

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Though the makers haven't released any promo videos giving a glimpse on the plot, it has created a huge hype among the audience, thanks to the positive words by the cast, crew and other celebs.

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The story of Parava revolves around pigeon race, a game, which is prominent in Mattancherry, Kochi, Kerala.

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While young star Dulquer Samaan appears in an extended cameo role for almost 25 minutes, comedian Aby's son Shane Nigam, Harisree Ashokan's son Arjun Ashokan and late Zainudeen's son Zinil also share the screen-space. Jacob Gregory, Indrans, Siddique, Jaffer Idukki and Srinda Arhaan also play significant roles in the film.

Parava, Dulquer Salmaan, Soubin Shahir
Parava movie posterParava/Facebook

Why is Parava a much-awaited movie?

The biggest highlight of Parava is that it is the directorial venture of Soubin, who has mesmerised the audience with his comedy roles. Also, hitmaker Anwar Rasheed has bankrolled the project and it is expected to repeat the success story of the previous movies he has produced, including Bangalore Days, Premam and Comade in America. Interestingly, all the movies had the presence of Dulquer, the lucky charm of Mollywood with many blockbusters to his credit. 

Meanwhile, Dulquer has requested all his fans not to shoot any clip, especially the intro or special scenes from the movie.

"I have a sincere request to all the viewers going into watch #Parava tomorrow. Especially ardent film fans. Please don't shoot videos or clips from the movie. Even if it's an artist intro or special scenes or fights or songs. I know it's out of love and excitement. But it's still as good as piracy when it's spread all over the internet and social media. Once it's out on DVD/Blu-Ray then its a different matter. No offence to anyone but kindly refrain from it [sic]," DQ posted on his Facebook page.

Parava songs

The makers have released two audio songs -- Pyaar Pyaar and Ormakal -- from the movie that are composed by Rex Vijayan. The tracks have already impressed music lovers.


Check what viewers have to say about Parava movie:

Vaisakh Shabu

#Parava flies high
@dulQuer Ikka's character stays in the heart ❤️
@soubinsha Brilliant making!

Friday Matinee

#Parava: Main heroes of d movie are 2 child artists,@dulQuer is good in his short role, Shine,siddiq and soubin is good. 1st half is Superb and 2nd half is good with a Great tail end.Making is the soul of the movie and script is simple. Frames are marvellous and it gives movie an extra milege.Bgm Suits the mood well and Songs are good. We rate Parava with 3.5 out of 5. Verdict: A debut that will be Remembered for a long for Soubin.

Aneesh Sojan

Parava...Anwar Rasheed again proving that he is perfect in being a part of good movies. Soubin...comes in front of bigscreen as a comedian and later tried his negative shade in kammattipadam and now surprised with his level of making as a director and also with a negative character as well

Jyothish Jo

Brilliant debut by Soubin Shahir. An intense film filled with deeply rooted human emotions. Loved that way he handled the "politics" about life throughout the film. I couldn't find "Dulquer Salman" in the film, only I saw was "Imran". Everyone had given their best which was needed for the film, even the director himself played a pivotal role, gutsy approach from him indeed. Shane Nigam shines as usual. But show stealer was the 2 young boys, the real superstars of #Parava. Rex Vijayan and Littil Swayamp, you people had taken the film into an another level of cinematic experience.
Hope this #Parava gonna fly higher and higher in the sky and in Boxoffice, unlike the drowned #Guppy !
*'s - 3.5/5

‎Rajab Nowshad‎

5 / 5
Please dont go and watch it with over expectations.You'll will be disappointed and do you know why ..
Because it will be beyond your Expectations
Pure PIECE OF CINEMA .. Loved it to the core.
Till yesterday Parava was just a movie but from today onwards it's an emotion for me ☺
Soubin did a fantastic work both as an actor and director.Dulquer Salman's extended cameo role was great.After Charlie now it's time for Imran.A soulful character just like charlie but as the story moves it turns about be an emotional one.Every Single actors did an outstanding work and then there's SIDDIQUE now matter which role he does, He will outshine every single person in the movie.Both Amal sha and his talented buddy were fantastic.Littl Swayamp's cinematography was brilliant.
Overall Parava Is CINEMA.
Don't miss this one from theaters.
First it was Angamally Diaries then it was Thondimuthalum Drikhsakshiyum now its PARAVA 

Zenith Sanjayan

I seriously don't know how to describe this movie but i know one thing for sure its a rare breed, a proper indication that Malayalam cinema is shifting gears if not it really needs to because this man Soubin and a group of talented actors have made a killer on screen.
I went in there expecting another 'Guppy' but Parava begins were Guppy stopped. This movie is breaking all shackles of Malayalam cinema, a two year long process 95 days of shoot if im not wrong and a lot of heart.

If i start writing about the characters i would have to go for separate posts about each and every actor i saw on screen, from Ichappi to the neighbour auntys dog. Im not a DQ fanboy but a great salute to the charismatic guy he is for making a dream project like this possible, you did this with ease made me remember all the brothers from other mothers who came into our lives made an impression for a life time and faded away . Anwar ikka hats off for investing in this gem no investor would dare put their money into a movie were the Paravas get a lot of screenspace.
Shane Nigam this guy is killing it on screen along with Siddique and others.
Hardwork. Commitment. Brilliance. #Parava the movie!!!

Sarath Jinaraj

The feeling of watching and extra ordinary film is something that we get rarely and PARAVA will surely give u that. Still goosebumps. Its something of its own kind and very new to Malayalam cinema.Diffrence and brilliance spotted in each and every shots of the movie and @soubin shahir prooves that he is someone to watch for. When it comes to acting, Shane Nigam delivered his career best performance along with @siddique who yet again scored in a character role. That 2 kids were not acting, they were living and their comedy timings were just awesome. Dulqar Salman as Amir will surely haunt us for sometime. Soubin as an actor shows his diffrent face which realy does suits him. In the actors list, special mention to the real #paravas who had their part to do. So altogether PARAVA is one of the best movie in Malayalam and please do watch it in theatres.

Zaam PH

here we go ' what I must to mention about Soubin sahir's #PARAVA !
First of all Congrats 'for those who had worked hard for this beautiful part '
let's go to the movie '
first half is very impressive like never seen before in recently ' such a great full making of Soubin ' Cinematography and Background Score well worked ' A beautiful movie with Happiness and emotions of Mattanchery '
Cast all fabbb ' Child artist and many siddique Ikka all too too good '
Coming to our talent ' DQ ' Masha Allah' what performance' he made my eyes wet ' really touched with the scene ' while Villian attacked behind and he says ' Endhinaada ' truely made me to cry' And climax when he smiles ' felt with happiness ' Such a golden performance' and soubin and basi ' terrific ' ' it was a great experience I had in this ' truely enjoyed every bit of part ' Hardwork never fails ' shows Soubin Shahir in this ' He deserves this ' Thank u for the best one Ikka ' And shure it will be a huge hit ' as of now heavy response everywhere !
#feelhappy #ParavaBlessings <3

Gokul Pisharady

Soubin Shahir who impresses the audience by his acting in humorous role this time marks his debut directorial venture featuring Dulquer Salman in an extended cameo role.The film is set in the backdrop of pigeon racing which is popular in Mattanchery, with two kids Irshad and Haseeb who have aspiration to win the pigeon race and also some youngsters in that place.For me it is an okay movie.The first half was pretty good and engaging,but when it comes to second half,the director can't make it up to the level of the first half.The film not just focusses on the pigeon racing,rather it uses the pigeon as a connecting link to tell the story of friendship.The realistic presentation of this film is good even though there are flaws.Cinematography too deserves applause.In whole, a one time popcorn flick that won't disappoint you after watching.

Nisanth V Easwar

PARAVA - a fresh telltale narrative about Mattanchery and its fly-ers (or whatever that's called)
The movie follows the recent trend in Mollywood where the story isn't the lead. It's the story telling that makes the intended impact.
It's always a risk when you make a movie with two kids grabbing the majority of the screen time despite having Dulquer Salman play an important role but it's a job well done. Probably not for the purists but Parava is definitely flying new heights in its own ways.

Roz Alvin Rozario

A pure entertainer.A combination of the entire mollywood .Thanks to the cinematographer #littile_swayamp
Your job is quite outstanding.
A nice narrative of culture and life of #mattanchery.
Nice direction pattern that clearly matches the story and it's narration. It never feels this movie is created by a debut director.Whenever the story needs a lag it also puts up space for real and natural sitautional comedy strips.
And you guys Irshad(ichappi) Haseeb, you were just into as it feels its your life on real.
As a whole its a pure entertainer with alot of life in it.
Its not a story of sport event its story of somany lives.
My rating 4.5/5
Just bcoz a film ends it should have something happy to the its positive but i don't think its happy to kids.

Rohit R Pillai

Parava - An outstanding & Gritty film by a solid filmmaker !!!
Parava talks about how a gang of playful, happy-go-lucky local Mattanchery friends get dragged into a trouble and how a small problem develops into a serious issue. And all these happenings in the film unfolds infront of the audience from the eye view of two kids, the heroes.
The first person to be credited here would be none other than Soubin Shahir who looks to be an all-rounder. Apart from directing the film, he has also played a crucial role like never before.
Soubin with his directional skills gives Parava that raw feel & he manages to get the natural best reaction from his actors.
& Yes, it's completely a director's film than the writer's.
Not just Soubin, every actor has delivered what was required of them in spite of not having any prior acting experience. The two leading kids were absolutely fabulous in their roles & especially the one who played the 'friend role' was just just just super hilarious.
A pool of senior actors is there & everyone of them delivered the best for their roles as always.
It is really a pleasure to see Dulquer Salmaan evolve into a better actor than a star with each film. This guy never over acts and I liked his coolness and onscreen charisma as this cameo role has brought that alluring, so-called "Jin effect" to the viewers.
The script demands some rawness, especially in the second half which also involves a brutally choreographed stunt sequence and that has been provided adequately by the technical crew.
Cinematography is top-notch here, so is the music. And a very special mention for Soubin Shahir, Shane Nigam & Sreenath Bhasi for that stunning climax sequences.
So over all, Parava is a brilliant piece of Filmmaking that will make you clap for its good feel & rawness !!!
Surely one of the bests of 2017.
Let the birds fly high...

Adarsh P Raj

#Parava !! Perfect mix of Rom Com Action A little bit of movie magic. Soubin . impressed . DQ. Screen presence Parava will fly high

Sachin Gopidas

#Parava -Flies high in the first half, tend to lose its track a little bit in the second half, but safely comes back home towards the end.
The 2 kids were adorable, DQ was at his charming best as usual, Shine Nigam offers a lot of Promise.
The real stars wer however behind the screen.
#RexVijayan with his tracks, #LittleSwayamp with his frames and Soubin Shahir with a Promising Debut
It's worth ur time


Best Directorial Debut by #Soubin
Superb Casting & Acting
@dulQuer as Usual Awesome
One of the Best Feel Good Movie

Murali Krishnan

Soubin Shahir's #Parava is a beautiful film. A breath of fresh air. Ever aspect of the film is masterful. The film is full of life from the very first minute till the very end. The child actors are such a joy to watch. DQ's 25 minute cameo is wonderful. Special mention to the absolutely brilliant performance from Shane Nigam. He owned the screen with his absolutely emotional portrayal and won the hearts of the crowd. Just couldn't get enough of Parava. Cant wait to watch it again. Guys don't miss this one. :)

Aneesh PK

#parava Wonderful movie... nice performance by the kids. superb entry by soubin ikka as a director. superb acting by @dulQuer and the rest

Akhil Vijay‏

#Parava is awsme. Depends on visual narration with less dialogues. Visuals + BGM❤️

Akhilesh Parameswaran

"Parava" Simple script, Great Making..!!! Soubin Sahir's Direction was well backed by the Beautiful frames & excellent Bgm. The movie flows with the visual narration and solid performance from the 2 kids. Irshad and Haseeb, those two were brilliant to watch on screen with their natural acting. The entire cast has given a good performance. And Yes Dulquer salman's extended Cameo will stay close to our hearts. Overall a really good Movie to watch.


Parava : A perfect visual treat
@dulQuer ikka screen presence ,ചുമ്മ അഭിനയിച്ച് തകർത്ത്. @soubinsha n basi വിസ്മയിപ്പിച്ചു. @basil4u :4/5


#Parava - One of the most heart touching performance of @dulQuer Imran ikka. Direction, DOP & Music excelled

Martin N Joseph

#Parava - Engaging first half with stunning visuals & great bgm. Looks very fresh in making & great screen presence by @dulQuer. #Impressed. Superb 1st half followed by an abv avg 2nd half makes the movie entertaining. Terrific screen presence by @dulQuer & excellent dop. Techinically rich with brilliant making from #SoubinShahir. Hattrick hit for #AnwarRasheed. Shane Nigam done well with others. Like #KakkaMuttai, the two little boys stealed the show with stunning performances. They are the heart of the movie. Overall entertaining and engaging throughout and a sure shot winner at the box office. Well done #SoubinShahir #Loved 3.5/5


Promising First Half! @soubinsha debut direction was awesome Friendship, Sentiment, Action Scenes were superb! 3.5/5

Forum Reelz‏ 

#Parava Very good first half followed by a above average second half,overall a winner at boxoffice and a promising debut by #Soubin

Cinema Today

#Parava An above average movie Good first half & an avg 2nd half #DQ factor will be the saving grace[HF] Dop Saubin Rating:3.25/5

Box office

Superb first half and good second half. Worth watch.

Malayalam box office

Good first half with romance, comic and friendship. Predictable second half.  Dulquer excellent play 3.5/5

Dq addictz

#Parava flapping its wings to the horizon,it is away from the landwhat a feel gud movie,no words @soubinsha @dulQuer screen presence


#Parava is a good treat to watch#Soubin ✌#dq good 1st half followed by a ok 2nd half Rating-3.25/5 @DulquerLive @DulQuerS_FC