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It's been over a month and people are still not able to get over Sushant Singh Rajput's death. The actor was found hanging by the ceiling in his Bandra apartment. Many people have been demanding CBI to probe into the actor's death as they feel that it was not a suicide but murder.

And now a paranormal expert Steve Huff has claimed that he has spoken with Sushant's spirit with the help of his device called the spirit box that apparently opens up the astral doorway.

Huff, in his YouTube video, said that he had been talking to spirits for the past 10 years and claimed that whatever things happen during the process, are real. He said that he hasn't followed Sushant or his work but after getting thousands of requests from his fans to conduct a spirit box session with the actor's spirit, he got to know somethings about him.

As Huff tries to speak with Sushant, you can hear a distorted mechanical voice responding to Huff's questions. While we are not sure if Huff was really talking to Sushant's spirit, we will lave it up to our readers to figure out on their own. The spirit box session was conducted on July 13.

Here's how the conversation between Steve Huff and Sushant's spirit went by:

Huff: Looking for Sushant Singh Rajput? I admit I was not familiar with your work but you were well-loved. You have a lot of fans out there. So is there anything you would like to say to your fans now that you have a voice? Now this gives you a voice, I have been doing this for 10 years, I have created this device and I welcome Sushant Singh Rajput to come through if he wants and speak to his fans as clearly and effectively as possible, his family, anybody he would like to speak with. So if you have a message Sushant feel free to come through?

Huff: Do you remember how you died?

Distorted voice: They will leave it all to the medic.

Huff: Have you made it to the light Sushant?

Distorted voice: I travel.

Huff: Can we connect to Sushant please?

Distorted voice: I'm now ready to talk good here.

Huff: I did not follow your work so I have no connection to you but I have connection to spirits. And since you are on that side now, I do have a connection with you. That connection is love, we are all human, I'm connected to that side. What would you like to say?

Distorted voice: There is a light, Huff.

Huff: Are you in the light is that what you said?

Distorted voice: Tell Steve I'm getting the light.

Huff: Are you in the light, are you with god?

Distorted voice: Huff, their lights have gone low.

Huff: Where are you on the other side?

Distorted voice: They been watching you. I'd really like to meet god.

Huff: A lot of your fans wanted me to do this for you.

Distorted voice: Do you know what I wanna say to them.

Huff: What would you want to say to them, you can say it now?

Huff: Thank you very much. I will pray for you.

Distorted voice: His spirit will, will rest in heaven.

Huff: Thank you very much Sushant. Thank you for coming through.

Distorted voice: We will now be ready to go.

Next morning at around 8 am

Huff: Sushant, are you still with me? are you still here?

Distorted voice: I'm walking in.

Huff: A lot of people wanted to know about your death. They think that something different that happened with your death. Sushant! why did you take your own life? Did you take your own life?

Distorted voice: Since we are people.

Huff: Okay. I'm not sure what you said there but when I will review this and listen back, I will hear it. A lot of people think you didn't take your own life. Can you tell us why you did that? Why did you take you own life?

Distorted voice: The change.

Huff: Change? Is there? there's two spirits here. I can see Sushant standing to my right in front of the box but there's another gentleman sitting on the floor, older. Who is that gentleman?

Distorted voice: Father right there.

Huff: Am I seeing that correctly.

Distorted voice: With my god.

Huff: He's sitting on the floor?

Distorted voice: Picture them.

Huff: And he looks just peaceful and you're over there. Oh I feel that energy. Sushant, you're here, I can feel you, I can sense you, I can see you. All that love that was sent your way all these people who are mourning your death, celebrating your achievements of course but saddened by the tragic events. These are very passionate fans you have Sushant so that tells me you projected love while on this earth and that is amazing and that's how it's supposed to be. But I'm connecting with you spiritually with our energy. Use that energy, use my energy, we can work together to accomplish this if your friend who's with you wants to help if he is a guide of yours. Come on through.

Distorted voice: We're dead.

Huff: I know you're dead but you can still talk. See if people watching this understand that soul never dies, they can change a lot of lives and it has for many years. When we understand as the living that our soul never dies we may choose to live life differently. Well, my name is Steve Huff. I come as a friend, I come in peace, I come with love to you. Let's bring that love energy, this energy into this room I can feel it.

Huff: All right Sushant, I feel your energy in this room and I felt that energy last night and now it's familiar to me. Do you, you're in that light, you saw it last night?

Distorted voice: I was in it.

Huff: Sushant Singh Rajput! much love to you. It's been a pleasure.

Distorted voice: It's ending.

Huff: It is ending? That was a woman's voice saying it's ending.

Huff: Thank you very much Sushant for coming through.

Distorted voice: We will now be ready to go.

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