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In an unexpected turn of events, paranormal expert Steve Huff recently conducted a spirit box session in which he claimed that he has spoken to Sushant Singh Rajput's spirit. Many people including us are having a hard time believing everything that happened in the video. However, Huff has been stressing that everything that's happening is real.

In the first part, Huff was seen speaking to Sushant's alleged spirit. He tried to ask him if he killed himself or something unusual that happened with his death. And now, Huff has released the second part of the video wherein he connected with Sushant's alleged spirit again to get clear answers to his questions.

Huff said that Sushant's spirit is one of the strongest spirits that he had ever spoken to. He further added that their communication was a lot smoother than their previous spirit box session.

He said that his interaction with Sushant's spirit is not to be mocked as he assures his viewers that everything that's happening is real. He feels that he has connected with Sushant's spirit. He also said that he has not monetised his videos of spirit sessions with Sushant.

While we still can't figure out whether it would have been for real, we will leave it up to our readers to take a look and find out on their own.

Here's everything that happened.

Huff: Did you try to kill yourself? Did you do that?

Distorted voice: Talking with the angel.

Huff: Talking to angels?

Distorted voice: I've got wings.

Huff: Are you with a guide again Sushant?

Distorted voice: One contact.

Huff: Are you in the light? I'm envisioning that light right now. It's shooting through me, do you feel it?

Distorted voice: Beginning to.

Huff: Beginning to? it's here. Is there anything you want to say before we close out?

Distorted voice: Want

Huff: Is there anyone else here with Sushant.

Distorted voice: Of course, will meet him.

Huff: Sushant! Can you tell me what happened the night of your death?

Distorted voice: Big arguments with men.

Huff: Did someone murder you? Do you remember how you died?

Distorted voice: They brought nails.

Sometime later in the video.

Huff: This is Steve Huff. We spoke two times now, this is the third time. Can you hear me?

Distorted voice: But you allow me.

Huff: Come on through. Now you said last night if I heard that correctly and you guys might hear these messages different from me that's okay. Always go with what you hear. You said there was an argument with men if I heard that correctly, what happened?

Distorted voice: That's now ended.

Huff: You can tell me anything that you remember okay? Do you have anything to say?

Distorted voice: I'm good.

Huff: I'm good? You talked of light, you talked of being with some other guy or somebody.

Distorted voice: Tell Steve I'm getting the light.

Huff: You're in the light, you saw it last night.

Distorted voice: I was in the light.

Huff: You talked of god, you talked about your death. Sushant, can you tell me what happened the night of your death?

Distorted voice: Big arguments with men.

Huff: Did someone murder you? Do you remember how you died?

Distorted voice: They brought nails.

Huff: You said you had one contact, met up with other people that you know.

Distorted voice: We better stop this.

Huff: You know our first video we did together is going to pass a million views today. That is amazing. A million people have watched it in three days. People are hearing you, people are waking up they understand that this life here is not the end. Sushant! do you have a message for everyone watching today?

Distorted voice: I just wanted to answer you.

Huff: You just wanted to answer me? thank you. I'll just be quiet and focus on you and my energy . Is there anything you want to say when I'll turn this dial? That's when you can come in.

Distorted voice: I'm proving to you. Connected.

Huff: I feel your energy Sushant.

Distorted voice: (Whisper) Has to do with Mike.

Huff: With Mike? Have you met Michael? (Note: Michael is an angel who works with me and helps me connect to the spirits who want to speak. This is significant as he is validating this for me.

Huff: Alright, we can keep this going, we can keep this going Sushant?

Distorted voice: We are just looking at you...Arizona.

Huff: I'm in Arizona, is that where you are right now?

Distorted voice: Are visiting Debby.

Huff: You're visiting Debby? Debby is in the bedroom. (Note: Spirits love Debby. And her energy because it is so positive and full of love and kindness. I guess Sushant has visited her here as well.

Huff: Thank you very much. Love to you.

Distorted voice: I will see you around.

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