Popular singer Papon (Angarag Mahanta) landed in hot water on Friday, February 23, after he was seen kissing a minor - a participant of reality show Voice India Kids - in a video posted on Facebook. The incident has divided the social media users with many slamming him for taking advantage of the situation, while others defended him saying that it all happened in the heat of the moment. Bollywood celebrities have reacted to the issue.

Farah Khan, who has been a judge on many reality shows, told Times Now: "I know Papon, he's a really good guy. But ismein koi doubt nahin hai when I saw the video it made me uncomfortable. I don't think he meant to do it but if it was my daughter I would not like it. If somebody caught her, I think people should not touch some other children. Just show affection to your own children. I think he meant in the right way. I know him. He's really a nice guy. But yes, the video did make me very uncomfortable."

When asked about the child's parents defending the Moh Moh Ke Dhaage singer, Farah added, "That's why I can't say. I think if you see the girl's face after it happened, you'll realize how uncomfortable she was. But like I said, 100 percent he's not a bad person to do it when camera is going. He must genuinely but it....didn't give me a good feeling."

On Twitter, former Bigg Boss contestant and actress Gauahar Khan has also slammed Papon. "Wasn't smothering a child's face with your palm rubbing color all over it for 4 secs enough as fatherly love, that u had to pull the child's face then to strategically peck her on the lip??? There was no wrong camera angle or the child moving her face mistakenly BTW #papon," she wrote.

But to everyone's surprise, Gauahar's tweet backfired as social media users were quick to remind her of her statement when she had supported Bigg Boss 11 contestant Akash Dadlani when he forcibly tried to kiss Shilpa Shinde on the show.

For the uninitiated, Gauahar back then tweeted, "Aakash didn't do anything wrong.... Really sad ... Over reaction. Aakash, purest heart."

Take a look at how netizens trolled Gauahar on her tweet:

@SumayaSimi: damage control humm 

akashh kare to pure soul

our papon kare to wrong. hypocrite

look we all know papon is wrong & Akash was wrong too 

no 1 has the right to touch any girl without her permission_dts it-whoever it z

@Shalini01427229: U double Dhokli Shilpa wale matter Mai akash Tumhe purest heart lag rrha tha!! Bolo na Tumhe shilpa se jalan ho gyi thi kyunki Tum chahti hi nhi thi tumhre baad koi female contestant winner bane!! U molester supporter Ajj Tumhe Wo papon kharab lag rrha hai!! Disgusting lady