Kamal Haasan's movie seems to behave become a victim of cine politics.

His latest movie "Papanasam", which was granted 'U' certificate by the Censor Board, has now been denied tax exemption by the Tamil Nadu government following the rejection of the exemption request by a state government-appointed panel, a decision that is likely to hit its profit.  

A still from the movie "Papanasam"Facebook/ Esther Anil

The state government gives 30% tax exemption for movies that have 'U' certificate. This is an incentive to boost quality movies that do not show violence, obscene scenes and adult content. 

The 30 percent exemption is considered a huge bonus as it increases the profit margin for the makers of movies.

However, the panel that included actor M N Rajam, singer L R Easwari and composer Sankar Ganesh rejected the plea made by the makers of the movie.

"Papanasam" was cleared by the Regional Censor Board with a "U" certificate. Now, when the movie is doing well at the box office, here comes a report in which one of the panelists has raised objection over the film's Censor Board certificate. 

The projection of the cops in bad light, young lady being secretly videographed and some dialogues have been objected by the panelist. According to him, "Papanasam" sends out some bad messages to the society.

As a result, "Papanasam" has reportedly been denied tax exemption. However, the makers are yet to respond and they are expected to approach the panel for the same.

"Papanasam" was made in a quick time with a limited budget. It is the remake of Malayalam blockbuster "Drishyam", which starred Mohanlal and Gauthami. Both the versions have been directed by Jeetu Joseph.

Meanwhile, "Papanasam" has turned out to be a hit. Having won critics' appreciation and audience's hearts, the movie is expected to have earned more than ₹25 crore in the opening week.