Arjun Kapoor and Kriti Sanon in Panipat
Arjun Kapoor and Kriti Sanon in Panipat

Taran Adarsh, Anil Kapoor and other celebs are super impressed with Ashutosh Gowariker's Panipat, starring Arjun Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Kriti Sanon, after watching it in a special screening. The movie has registered positive reviews. 

Panipat is a historical war drama that is set in the 18th century. The Marathas emerge as the most powerful empire in the whole of India but their happiness is short-lived as the Afghan king Ahmad Shah Abdali plans to take over the country. The Maratha Peshwa orders Sadashiv Rao Bhau to stop him at any cost, thus leading to the Third Battle of Panipat between the two armies.

Sunita Gowariker and Rohit Shelatkar, who have produced Panipat, hosted a special screening of the movie on Wednesday night. Several celebs and film critics, including Anil Kapoor and Taran Adarsh, attended its premiere. The people, who watched the movie on the occasion, are in love with the final product, which they call a real tribute to the Maratha warriors.

After its special screening, some celebs and critics took to Twitter to share their reviews of Panipat. They said Arjun Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Kriti Sanon's brilliant performances, amazing background scores, beautiful costumes, crisp editing and picturization and war scenes are the highlights of the film.

Sanjay Dutt in Panipat
Sanjay Dutt in PanipatTwitter

Here are celebs and critics' reviews of Panipat:

Anil Kapoor @AnilKapoor

Watched the battle of #Panipat recreated on screen in all its glory! Completely captivated! Chachu you've done full justice to the role @arjunk26!! Hard work shows in every frame. Congratulations to the team @duttsanjay @kritisanon

Taran Adarsh @taran_adarsh

#OneWordReview... #Panipat: GRIPPING. Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ½ Ashutosh Gowariker gets it right... Enthralling film that salutes the bravery of #Marathas... Patchy first half... Brilliant second half... Battle portions terrific... Sanju fiery, Arjun effective, Kriti excels. #PanipatReview

Siddhanth Kapoor @SiddhanthKapoor

#panipat! Beautifully emoted, directed, amazing background scores, costumes, crisp edit and the camera works surreal. @arjunk26 top class. @kritisanon it's by far your best performance @duttsanjay always my favourite. @agppl ♥️ also loved watching my aunt back woohoo

Zoa Morani @zoamorani

Was such an absolute delight watching @kritisanon in #Panipat , my most favourite role of your's so far ... such a beautiful character and portrayed to the T with such grace and depth . Woke up with ''mann mein shiva" ringing inside of me ♥️

Tejal Shetty @ShettyTejal

#panipat is etched beautifully by @AshGowariker points to him for giving each & every character so many layers, @arjunk26 convinces you fully as sadashiv Rao, he is heroic & fragile, vulnerable & a true leader @kritisanon best so far, never a dull moment when she's on screen.