Baywatch icon Pamela Anderson shares a completely nude picture of herself straddling a male model and raise up the bar during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

Earlier on Sunday, the 52-year-old Pamela Anderson shared a sultry photo of herself along with a male model while wearing nothing but a tiny belly chain. The acclaimed actress and animal activist shared the black and white nude image alongside the caption, "Love never fails #staycalm."

Pamela Anderson
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Right after sharing the risqué image of herself, she shared another picture of herself sporting black heels and her feet up on a coffee table. She captioned the second picture: "#chill."

You can check out her nude picture here.

Apparently, this is not the first time when Anderson has posed fully nude pictures of herself on Instagram. Back in 2017, she posted one of her sexiest pictures with her sultry figure on full display. In the now-deleted picture, she was seen holding onto a leather-clad male friend who is driving the bike while she enjoys the wind flowing through her hair.

Pamela Anderson's personal life:

Pamela Anderson has a very adventurous personal life. She had been married four times and was recently separated from her fourth husband, Jon Peters.

Pamela Anderson separated from Jon Peters after 12 days of her marriage. There were several reports in the past about the financial matters but she denied all the reports stating that Batman producer paid off her debts. However, she did reveal that he gave her $100K.

"I don't need anyone to pay my bills ... I own a $10 million house in Malibu Colony that has been rented for almost two years now, and for the next three to five years, for $40,000 a month. That more than covers all my bills and expenses. I have contracts and other work," she said via PageSix.

Pamela Anderson poses before attending the Rock My Swim by Mode City Paris fashion show in Paris on July 8, 2017.
Pamela Anderson poses before attending the Rock My Swim by Mode City Paris fashion show in Paris on July 8, 2017.THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty Images

Pamela Anderson's professional life:

The Canadian-born actress holds the record of the most Playboy covers by any person. Apart from this, she received international recognition for her starring role as C. J. Parker in the action-drama television series Baywatch, which further added her status as a sex symbol.

Over the years, Anderson has appeared in several movies as well. Her most noted role had been in 1994's Raw Justice, 1996's Barb Wire, and 2008's Blonde and Blunder. Pamela Anderson has also appeared in several seasons of Dancing With the Stars.