The Islamic State (Isis) militants have released a new video from Palmyra (Tadmur) showing the execution of two Syrian men accused of being homosexuals. The men were thrown off a roof, before being stoned to death.

Middle East Journalist Zaid Benjamin said on Twitter that the two Syrian men were executed for "having a homosexual affair." He confirmed that after throwing them from the roof, the Isis stoned them to death in Palmyra, a UNESCO heritage site.

Intelligence group SITE shared several pictures of the execution and said the Homs division of the Islamic State (Isis) published the media report from Tadmur (Palmyra).

Some images shared on social media show Isis fighters leading two men into a building after an Isis fighter reads out their crime. A crowd of local residents that include children watch the entire execution-drama unfolding.

The two blind-folded men are taken to the roof of the building and hurled down. Reports have earlier confirmed that Isis, which considers homosexuality a criminal act, has been using its fighters to trap gay men in Syria and then stone them to death.

In April, Isis had released a report, which showed the Sunni terrorists embracing two "gay" men minutes before brutally stoning them to death in the Syrian province of Homs.