In a very disturbing incident that took place at a private clinic in Pakistan, a doctor accidentally decapitated a baby during delivery on Wednesday (August 8).

The shattered father of the baby identified the doctor as Dr Alia Naz Taran. He also added that Taran did nothing to remove the baby's disfigured body from the mother's womb.

It is also alleged that she advised the baby's father, Abdul Nasir, to take his wife to the Civil Hospital in Quetta for surgery.

The woman was immediately shifted to the hospital, where she underwent a surgery to take the body out of the womb.

Pak lady doctor cuts off baby's head during delivery(Representational image)Creative Commons

According to Nasir, the staff of the private hospital refused to provide the medical report, following which he approached the Quetta Press Club to lodge a protest. Nasir and his relatives are protesting against the doctor as Taran had assured them that the delivery would be normal and free of complications. She had also demanded Rs 10,000 for the delivery.

However, this is not the first time that a doctor has decapitated a baby during delivery.

In a similar incident, an Indian doctor named Dr Vaishnavy Vilvanathan Laxman decapitated a baby at Ninewells Hospital in Scotland's Dundee.

Later, two other doctors carried out a c-section to remove the infant's head. It was then "re-attached" to the body so that the mother could hold him.