Pakistan School Attack
A soldier escorts schoolchildren after they were rescued from from the Army Public School that is under attack by Taliban gunmen in Peshawar, December 16, 2014.Reuters

At least 141 people were killed in the Taliban attack at a Peshawar school, including 132 children.

7.19 pm (IST): The Taliban siege in a Peshawar school has ended, as per reports. More than 130 people, mostly children, have been killed.

6.15 pm (IST): Fresh explosions were heard at the Peshawar school, as the forces attempt to evacuate students and staff. Militants have planted explosives across the school, Army officials said. 

5.45 pm (IST): The sixth militant has also been killed, though the police said the terrorists booby-trapped the school with IEDs, making evacuation of hostages difficult. 

"2 more children,2 teachers rescued.6th terrorist killed in last block.IEDs planted by terrorists hamper speed of clearance," Pakistan Army's media wing spokeperson tweeted.

5.25 pm (IST): "5th terrorist killed in the last under clearance block of school,meanwhile SSG troops rescued 2 more children & 2 staff members," the Pakistan Army's media wing spokeperson tweeted

5.08 pm (IST): Five militants have been killed, the Pakistan Army has confirmed. 

5.00 pm (IST): : Pakistani forces have reportedly rescued two students and two staff members from the Peshawar school that is under siege of Taliban militants. 

4.25 pm (IST): Two more blasts were heard from the school as the Taliban siege continues. 

4.13 pm (IST): Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has condemned the Peshawar school attack. 

"Strongly condemn the cowardly terrorist attack at a school in Peshawar," Modi tweeted. "It is a senseless act of unspeakable brutality that has claimed lives of the most innocent of human beings - young children in their school."

4.05 pm (IST): The death toll from the Peshawar school attack has risen to 120, according to The Express Tribune.

4.00 pm (IST): Three terrorists have been killed, Pakistani officials said. 

3.30 pm (IST): JuD terrorist Hafiz Saeed has reportedly condemned the school attack by the Taliban. 

"No religion allows killing of children. Islam across all its branches FORBIDS killing of children/women - Hafiz Saeed (Jumaat-ud-Dawaa)," the KPK Home Department tweeted

"These terrorist are killing in the name of Jihad. They are creating anarchy and chaos in the name of Jihad," Saeed reportedly said. 

3.15 pm (IST): The Pakistan Taliban, which has called the school attack a retaliation to the military offensive in the northern part of the country, has said they targeted the school because the Army targeted their families. 

"We want them to feel our pain," the Tehreek-e-Taliban said. 

3.05 pm (IST): UK Prime Minister David Cameron condemned the Pakistan school attack. 

"The news from Pakistan is deeply shocking. It's horrifying that children are being killed simply for going to school," Cameron tweeted

3.01 pm (IST): The death toll so far is 104, of which 84 are students. 

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has left for Peshawar where a terror attack by Taliban at a military school has left more than hundred dead. 

2.45 pm (IST): The Home Department of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has said that more than 100 people have been killed in the terror attack at a Peshawar school, according to a tweet on the official account. 

Chief Minister KP Pervez Khattak reportedly said that 100 children have died. 

2.25 pm (IST): One of the six suicide bombers has detonated himself inside the school, as per the local media. The death toll has increased to 23. 

2.05 pm (IST): One terrorist has reportedly been killed. There are also some suicide bombers among the terrorists, according to reports. 

1.59 pm (IST): The death tolls has increased to 21, including 17 students, according to reports. 

1.55 pm (IST): The terrorists are still holed up in the school, as the Pakistan Army has taken charge of operations to rescue the hostages. 

1.45 pm (IST): The toll has increased to 18, including 15 children, according to the Lady Reading Hospital, where all the injured are being taken. 

1.20 pm (IST): The death toll from the terror attack has increased to 14, including 12 students, one teacher and a soldier, according to The Express Tribune

1.29 pm (IST): The Pakistan Taliban claimed that the attack is a retaliation for military offensive on militants since June.

"It's a revenge attack for the army offensive in North Waziristan," Taliban spokesman Muhammad Umar Khorasani told Reuters.

1.25 pm (IST): 10 students have lost their lives after terrorists stormed an army school in Peshawar. A female teacher has also reportedly been killed. 

1.19 pm (IST): Local media reports say that 11 students have been killed. 

1.18 pm (IST): A soldier has also been killed in the terror attack in the Peshawar school, according to

The number of injured has increased to 35. 

1.10 pm (IST): One more student has reportedly succumbed to injuries at the Lady Reading Hospital. The hospital has issued a plea for blood donation as scores have been admitted from the school attack. 

The school has more than 1,500 students, and 500 of them are currently being held hostage by the terrorists. 

1.02 pm (IST): 500 students are being held hostage inside the school, as per reports. 

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif condemned the attack.

12.55 pm (IST): Three children have been killed in the terror attack at a Peshawar school, The Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) which is treating the injured, confirmed, according to

"The target killers and suicide attackers have been ordered to shoot the older students but not the children," Pakistan Taliban spokesman has reportedly said. 

Terrorists stormed into a school in Peshawar in Pakistan on Tuesday, opening fire and injuring as many as 20 children, with at least two feared dead. As many as 500 students were said to be present at the time of attack and are still believed to be inside the premises. 

The police said that at least six terrorists entered the Army Public School in Peshawar after scaling the school wall, according to The terrorists were reportedly dressed in army uniforms.

Police forces have reached the spot and are currently engaged with the terrorists. 

Tehreek-e-Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. 

"Our people successfully entered the army school in Peshawar this morning. We are giving them direct instructions to not harm minors," TTP spokesperson Muhammad Khorasani told The Express Tribune.

It was the TTP which had attacked education activist Malala Yousafzai on her way from school in 2012.