A suspected Al Qaeda suicide bomber blew himself up inside his own house during a police raid, killing his wife and two young sons in Pakistan's Lahore area on Thursday. 

The police officers raided the house of the suspected Al Qaeda militant, known as Habibur Rehman, and were engaged in a encounter with him for up to four hours, according to Dawn

The Al Qaeda militant reportedly tried to ward off the police using hand grenades, injuring some personnel. 

However, when more forces were called in, the suicide bomber detonated his suicide jacket, killing his wife and two sons. The militant also succumbed to his injuries. However, a third child survived the blast.

The police found four suicide jackets, a Kalashnikov, several pistols and hand grenades in the house, the report said. 

The militant used to disguise himself as a distributor of soaps and detergents, the report said, citing locals who claimed they were unaware of his real identity.