When Indian Diplomat Sneha Dubey slammed Pakistan for "sheltering, nurturing and aiding terrorists," at the United Nations General Assembly last week, she was merely carrying forward the Indian tradition of unmasking its next-door neighbour. The young diplomat delivered a blistering response when provoked by Prime Minister Imran Khan who raked up the issue of Kashmir in his address to the UNGA.

"Pakistan is an arsonist, disguising itself as a firefighter," she said, further accusing the nation of nurturing, aiding and sheltering terrorists.

Meet IFS officer, Sneha Dubey

In her address, the 2012 batch IFS officer further continued, "We keep hearing that Pakistan is a victim of terrorism, this is the country which is an arsonist disguising itself as a firefighter. Pakistan nurtures terrorists in their backyard in the hope that they will only harm their neighbours or region, infact, the entire world has suffered because of their policies."

sneha dubey
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Soon after the speech went viral, the young diplomat became a social media sensation, with netizens digging up more on the IFS officer.

Sneha Dubey has completed her post-graduation in Geography followed by an M Phil from JNU. She is the first of her family to join the prestigious civil services, after clearing the UPSC examination in her first attempt. However, she is not the first to have taken up cudgels in words against the neighbour at the UN platform.

Several Indian women and diplomats in the last few years have called out Pakistan's propaganda on Indian Union Territory at the UN.

Ivy League of terrorists: Eenam Gambhir

An Indian diplomat, hailing from Delhi, Eenam Gambhir joined the Ministry of External Affairs in 2005 and has served in countries such as Mexico and Argentina. Having extensively dealt with issues relating to India's neighbourhood, especially Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, Gambhir served in the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations in New York and covered peace and security issues till June 2016. 

Eenam Gambhir
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In the September of 2016, at the UNGA, she minced no words in calling out Pakistan. "Only last week the international community honoured the memory of thousands of innocent victims from around the world, who lost their lives not far from here in New York fifteen years ago in a most horrifying terror attack. The world has not yet forgotten that the trail of that dastardly attack led all the way to Pakistan. The land of Takshila, one of the greatest learning centres of ancient times is now host to the Ivy League of terrorists."

Stinging response by IFS Vidisha Maitra

Vidisha Maitra has been another of India's young diplomats delivering fire brand speeches against the neighbour. The IFS officer gave a befitting reply and a stinging response to Pakistan PM Imran Khan and became a social media sensation. Maitra, the first secretary in the Foreign Ministry, was last year elected to the UN body—Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ) with strong support of the member states.

vidisha maitra
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 At the UNGA in September 2019, she said Pakistan had a medieval mindset and reminded the assembly of the genocide of 1971. "The invocation of phrases such as 'pogrom, blood bath, racial superiority, pick up the gun, fight to the end', reflect a medieval mind-set and not a 21st century vision. Pogroms Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi are not a phenomenon of today's vibrant democracies. We would request you to refresh your rather sketchy understanding of history. Do not forget the brutal genocide perpetrated by Pakistan against its own people in 1971 and the role played by Lieutenant General AAK Niazi. A sordid fact that the honourable Prime Minister of Bangladesh reminded this assembly about earlier this afternoon." 

True face of Pakistan, not hidden: Paulomi Tripathi

paulomi tripathi
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Counsellor in the Permanent Mission of India to the UN, Paulomi Tripathi, didn't hold back while slamming Pakistan at the high-level forum on the Culture of Peace at the 74th UNGA last year. "Unfortunately, we have witnessed another attempt by the delegation of Pakistan to exploit a UN platform for hate speech against India."

She further reminded the member states of the kidnapping and brutal killing of young officer of J&K Ummer Fayyaz. She said, "A young officer from the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir Ummer Fayyaz was kidnapped. He was brutally tortured and killed by Pakistan supported terrorists in May 2017. This is a true picture, it portrays a harsh and tragic reality. A picture of terrorism emanating from across our borders that the people of India, especially in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, have to struggle with every day. This is the reality which the permanent representative of Pakistan sought to obfuscate. Mr President, the true face of Pakistan is not hidden from anyone." These young fire-brand IFS officers have warned the world, in words powerful enough and on a platform, potent enough.