In a shocking turn-of-events, a renowned designer and his two sons were stabbed in Pakistan. The incident happened after an argument over the parking space in a posh housing society. A man made multiple knife attacks on designer Mohammad Moazzam Khan and his two sons over parking dispute. He also abused and threatened the three of them. A video of the incident has now gone viral.

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The incident took place in Pakistan Air Force Falcon Complex in Karachi. An FIR has been registered under Sections 324, 337-H (II) and 34 of the Pakistan Penal Code, says a Dawn report. It further states that the argument started over a car being parked on the streets of society. When the argument escalated, the accused took out his key-chain knife and injured the designer and his two sons. The man continued making verbal abuses and stabbing them with the knife. However, no arrests have been made so far.

Shocking incident escalated quickly

As per the FIR report, Moazzam came out of his house when he heard noises, says Dawn. The report further elaborates that Moazzam has accused Ibrahim Durrani of abusing him and injuring him with his knife. He has also alleged that Ibrahim Durrani's father encouraged him to inflict more injuries. Moazzam's sons Ataa and Fahad also suffered injuries. Several videos of the incident have gone viral.

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While in the first video, a person can be seen reasoning with the attacker that he parked/turned his car in a wrong manner. And fight ensues between the two. In the second video, the attacker is seen hitting, stabbing and abusing people. In the third and extremely graphic video, a person is seen lying on the road with blood splattered all around him. And several people are seen asking him whether he is conscious or not.

Moazzam has also alleged that the Durrani's also made air firings and threatened them of dire consequences if they were to report the matter to the police.