In his recent tweet by the Raipur DIG Arif H Shaikh, the IPS officer has come up with other interesting details regarding the arrest of the Facebook user, Nisha Jindal.

A fake profile, run by Ravi Pujar, an engineering student, that had over 4,000 friends and more than 10,000 followers, was under police watch after they started receiving multiple complaints about its communal hatred spreading posts and messages.

Nisha Jindal Fake Facebook Account

Pakistani actresses as Jindal's sisters!

The police, on interrogation with Pujar have come to find out more fake accounts that he has created to substantiate the existence of Nisha Jindal. In his tweet, the IPS officer 'warns' his followers to stay off from the fake accounts lest you be 'disappointed & heartbroken.'

According to the DIG, the man has tried to create a story with the help of these fake accounts. "Pujar has tried to cook up a realistic' story of his family by creating fake profiles of his sisters, and cousins and other such relatives. To add the credibility of these accounts, Nisha Jindal used to tag 'her' posts to these accounts too, underlining their relationships," told the IPS officer to International Business Times, India.

Interestingly, all these profiles that showed beautiful ladies as Jindal's cousins and sisters had the photos of Pakistani actress in it!

jindal sister fake profile
jindal sister fake profile. twitter

Pujar, now under judicial remand, will be soon given to further police investigation, to find out his other intentions rather than deceiving people through his fake accounts.

Pujar, an engineering student, has been charged under relevant sections of IPC and IT Act for running the fake Facebook account in the name of Nisha Jindal and posting communally inflammatory content. He has been handling the account since 2012. During the interrogation, the man has reportedly claimed that he is the real Nisha Jindal by soul.


The internet has been in split ever since the Raipur police reported the arrest of the 'lady' man.