'Paathshala' Review: Audience Call It New-Age Tollywood Movie
'Paathshala' Review: Audience Call It New-Age Tollywood Moviehttps://www.facebook.com/PaathshalaTelugu

"Paathshala" is a low-budget film starring newbies, but the attempt of the makers to select its cast and crew members using Facebook has garnered a lot of attention.

Released in theatres across the globe on Friday, 10 October, the film has received rave reviews from the audience, who described it as a unique attempt and a new-age Tollywood flick.

Many viewers opine that "Paathshala" is not a regular masala entertainer. The movie has an interesting theme, "Friendship is not about whom you have known the longest. It is about who came and never left your side." Though a few Telugu films have already been made on the subject, this film touches a different angle, which will impress the viewers.

Besides direction, Mahi V Raghav has also penned story and screenplay for the movie, "Paathshala", which is about five friends. The subject will impress the young film-goers, who can relate themselves with many scenes in the film.

Produced by Rakesh Mahankali and Pavan Kumar Reddy, "Paathshala" features Nandu, Bhupathi Raju, Karthik, Anupriya, Salma, Shashank, Sirisha, Surya, Hamid and Sandhya in major roles. Raghav's interesting concept, lead actors' performances, Rahul Raj's music, Sudheer Surendran's cinematography and its exotic locales are the main highlights of the film, according to viewers.

Read the Twitter reactions on "Paathshala" by the audience below:

A film-goer, Sunny Naveen, tweeted, "#paathshala movie provides you an opportunity to get into the shoes of a character that you can particularly relate with.... It makes you think twice before you try to mess up your life by not doing the things you should have done."

"Decent performances by the actors and a gripping background music makes this ride worth watching. My bro Ro-nac has made an impressive debut. So yeah, this is definitely a feel good movie. Do not miss it. I dare you, I double dare you #paathshala," Sunny added,

Another viewer, Ravi Kiran, Tweeted, "#Paathshala Not a regular stuff. Youth connect avthe it will work at B.O Those who like Happy Days & LIB will like it. Decent Watch!!"

On his Twitter handle, Venkat Siddareddy posted that, "Paathshala is a must watch. Although it had some structural problems in the screenplay, it is a breath of fresh..."

Raghava, a film critic from 123Telugu, tweeted, "MyReview on #Paathshala -Friends Lovely Road Trip but it has less Entertainment more Emotions."

AS ‏@ironbutterfly tweeted, "Finally a newage Tollywood movie..featured on @Social_Samosa as a casestudy.. #Flipkart might disappoint you but #paathshala wont ! A refreshing Telugu movie after ages. Do watch it."