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Kabali director Pa Ranjith's controversial remarks on Hinduism and Raja Raja Chola have landed him in the trouble with many hurling anger against him with #PrayForMentalRanjith on Twitter.

The videos of Pa Ranjith making anti-Hindu comments are now going viral and creating ripples on social media. Addressing the public, the director recently tried to alienate Dalits from being Hindus. He alleged that Hindus had grabbed land from Dalits. The government should grab the lands of all the mutts and re-distribute them to Dalits.

On this occasion, Pa Ranjith, who claims to be a follower of Periyar and Ambedkar, also made some shocking comments about the emperors of Chola dynasty. The Kaala helmer termed Raja Raja Chola's rule as the dark times of the era and caste oppression was started during his time.

The vicious Hinduphobic statements of Pa Ranjith featured in the viral videos hurt the sentiments of Many Hindus, who took to social media to condemn his anti-Hindu remarks. They used the hashtag #PrayForMentalRanjith and expressed outburst against the director for creating a Dalits vs Hindu Mutts narrative.

Here are some of their comments posted on Twitter and the videos of his controversial speech.

Saiganesh சாய்கணேஷ்‏ @im_saiganesh

Tamil Director PA Ranjith after abusing Raja Raja Chola is openly hurting the sentiments of in India. He says "As you (Hindus) worship cows as God, I am the one who eats God". No action will be taken against him in Tamil Nadu for his blatant Hinduphobia! Another vicious Hinduphobia from Tamil director PA Ranjith where he says that government should grab the lands of Hindu mutts & give to dalits! He also lies that lands of Hindu mutts were grabbed from Dalits! Creating a Dalits vs Hindu Mutts narrative is a breaking India work! Church is the biggest land owner in India after govt. Is PA.Ranjith having guts to ask government to grab the lands from Church and give it to him like he asks government to grab lands from Hindu Mutts and give it to him? Targeting Hindu religious institutions alone is toxic!

Dinesh Sekar‏ @Dinushabi

Cast mentality has changed in tamilnadu many years before. Some idiots like #PaRanjith has carrying on their head for their food. 2 movies thatsall ur capabilities. He cant food get in cinema hereafter. Because no matter in his clay head.

Varun Krishnamurthy‏ @blazebutterfly

#PaRanjith next Seeman in the making nu nanaikuraen. Ranjith has to read world history and not just Tamil's. Muslim invaders killed so many Hindus here and rapes women. Why no one cares?

Varun‏ @varunranganath

Tamil nadu will be great once these moron's #ThirumuruganGandhi and #Paranjith get out of our state! #PrayForMentalRanjith

Mahesh‏ @ProfiledHang

Rajini: Low caste Hero

Hindi Actor : Raja Raja Cholan

Hero fought against Villain and grab the acquired lands of him

Next movie ready for Caste Veriyan


nP‏ @TrueCohle

I was assuming #PaRanjith was doing all the stupidity for the future of the people of his caste, now its clear the idiot has been dwelling over the past. Slowly the poraalis are revealing their true cause.

Perumal Krish‏ @perumalkrish

He doesn't even deserve to be called as Mental. Get well soon! @beemji Dear people don't create such tags to make him in the limelight...he is not worth of it! Such a bull shit attention seeker he is! #PrayForMentalRanjith #PaRanjith