Oviyaa kiss and steamy scenes in 90 ML
A collage of sceen shots from Oviyaa's 90 ML.YouTube screenshot

The trailer from Oviyaa's upcoming movie 90 ML has irked her fans. The bold scenes and dialogues along with lip-locks sequences in the clip have angered the conservative audience who are expressing their anguish on social media sites.

What is the trailer all about?
The video is filled boozing, lip-lock, double-meaning dialogues, and smoking sequences. Oviyaa is part of, at least, two kissing and intimate scenes in the trailer. It is all about five women and their adventures (looks like, mostly bedroom adventures).

Such bold content is now getting popular among youths and the success of Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuthu and Hara Hara Mahadevaki are the classic examples of it.

However, this particular video has not gone well with the audience simply because Oviyaa is part of the film. Looking at the comments on social media sites, they treat her like their sister and one of the members in their families. Hence, her bold role has not gone well with them.

Talking about 90ML,  director Alagiya Asura, had earlier stated that the movie is centered around the desires of five contemporary women. He said that it a bold film, yet the same time it is entertaining flick which is all about what the women really want these days.

Below, watch the trailer and read the reactions coming for the clip on social media sites:

Chembian: #BiggBossTamil made the career of #Oviya in 90 days
and #90MLTrailer Tamil movie gonna destroy the career of Oviya in 90 seconds
#OviyaArmy #ExitOviyaArmy #90mlthemovie #90mlMovie #90ML #STRMusical #STR

Anirudh Sriraman: Why does the portrayal of Bold, daring and progressive women only have to come through drinks, smokes and having lots of sex? Why are even our female directors failing to explore the many other wonderful aspects and dimensions of women? Truly disappointing. #90MLTrailer #Oviya

OviyaTeluguFamily: Female sexuality is a taboo subject in India and #Oviya being a part of such taboo breaking movie just after BB's success shows that she is bold & doesn't give an eff about what anyone thinks as always #90ML