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As fans of the "Outlander" book series know, Jamie and Claire are meant to be together, and the hardship they go through together will only strengthen their bond. But a horrific event in the second half of Starz's season 1 of the series will make it difficult for the couple to get back to the way they were.

The midseason premiere of "Outlander" season 1 will air on 4 April and it will pick up immediately after the events of the midseason finale that saw Jamie coming in through the window just as Randall was about to rape Claire.

Based on the promo, Jamie will succeed in saving Claire from Randall. But Jamie will find himself the prisoner of Randall, and he will be tortured and humiliated by the sadistic Brit. While Jamie will physically recover from the humiliation, he is going to be psychologically wounded for a long while to come.

"When Jamie is taken and held by Jack Randall, that's such a pivotal moment in their relationship and in the series," executive producer Ronald D. Moore told TVGuide. "You can never take that away and that will always be part of [them] going forward. [Claire] feels an enormous burden of guilt. If she had not come and stayed -- she wonders if any of these events would've transpired."

Actor Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie in the series, told the outlet that the upcoming tragedy will taint his character's relationship with Claire for good.

"They're constantly fighting their way to get back to where they were the wedding night," Heughan said. "It's a great tragedy of the show that this relationship has been tainted for good.... I don't think we can ever get back there. They're constantly trying to find a way to reconnect, and at the very end of the season they're left in a very tentative place."

However, fans of the show and the books are optimistic that the pair will overcome the terrors of the horrific event and find a way to reconnect.

"If they don't reconnect and get back to where they were , then the show will not stay true to the books! I've read all eight and they are more in love than ever at the end of book 8!" wrote one fan.

Another noted: "No,anyone who read the books knows,unthinkable things will happen to Jamie,bc of the sadist BJR,but Jamie&Claire will never forget,but they'll get past it,they are very much in love & I hope in the second half of the series make that shine through!"