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"Outlander" will return to television screens in April; however, fans were treated to a glimpse of the second half of the first season during the premiere of "Black Sails" Season 2.

The opening scene of Episode 9 included an introduction from show creator Ronald D Moore, where it was revealed that the upcoming episodes will be told from Jamie Fraser's (Sam Heughan) point of view.

The opening scene shows Fraser standing by a river and throwing stones in the water. He appears to be evaluating his life. "I've always known I've lived a life different from other men," he said, adding that every man makes a choice between "love and hate, between life and death" and this choice "makes your life". The narration ends with Fraser saying that the day he realised that choices he has made are now his life, was the day he "became a man".

Although nothing much was revealed in the first look of a second half of the first season, it is expected that focus will shift from Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe) to Fraser. Earlier this year at the Winter Press Tour, Moore said that change in perspective is being done as a way to "start the show again".

"It was interesting to tell those events in that first hour from Jamie's point of view. And then, it also served a larger goal in the life of the series in that the show beyond Season 1 is really about Jamie and Claire together, and this was a moment to sort of pivot to now include him in the perspective for the audience, and that gave us permission moving forward to then do scenes that Jamie was in, that Claire wasn't in, so now the show became about both of them as we move forward," he added,  E Online reported.

Previously, it was reported that Randall and Fraser's relationship will strengthen as the show progresses. An infamous spanking scene and a heart-wrenching baby scene will also be featured in upcoming episodes. "Outlander" will be back on television screens on 3 April.