Oscar Pistorius Sentencing Live Coverage: What exactly will the Blade Runner's punishment be?
Oscar Pistorius Sentencing Live Coverage: What exactly will the Blade Runner's punishment be?Reuters

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Update 4:33pm IST: My job is to make him money" says Van Zyl He advised financially worthwhile undertaking of running against a racehorse in Doha. 

The Court is adjourned. 

Update 4:07pm IST: Van Zyl says people want to touch, grab, discuss, get autograph from Pistorius if they see him running. Zyl says Pistorius would get involved in conversations, advice with kids, people who struggle without limbs

Update 4:07pm IST: Van Zyl describes Pistorius' volunteer work with Laureus and UNICEF, working with landmine victims, kids, other charities and so on.

Update 4:01pm IST: Maringa is excused, Peet van Zyl takes the stand again. Roux reiterates Van Zyl's position as Pistorius' manager. Roux wants to talk about Pistorius' charity work and career prospects. Van Zyl says Pistorius was regarded as a global sportsman, lists bodies Pistorius is associated with.

Update 3:46pm IST: Nel sharply points out the judgement never spoke of 'unintentional firing of gun' says, "It's wrong".

Update 3: 46pm IST: Nel says Maringa got the judgement wrong and is making recommendations on the wrong understanding. Maringa says the court has already convicted him, "that's where I'm proceeding from - I'm not going back to the merits of the case." Nel asks, "do you know that the judgement found that Pistorius armed himself and walked down the passage with intention to shoot? Malinga is wrong to say that Pistorius had 'no intention' to shoot a person."

Update 3: 37pm IST: Maringa proposes conditions of house arrest - Pistorius wouldn't leave his home area, do community service 16 hours a month. Maringa recommends that Pistorius would be barred from using drugs or alcohol. He should be obliged to attend programmes on how to handle negative emotions...counselling should persist.

Update 3: 20pm IST: Hartzenberg is excused. Roux calls a witness from correctional services with pre-sentencing report. Joel Maringa is a social worker with the Department of Correctional services, tasked to prepare a report for the court.

Maringa reads from his report - he was asked to consult with Pistorius to see if correctional supervision would be an option.

Update 3: 10pm IST: Nel asks, "if he was involved with someone, would it have impacted on his emotions?" Hartzenberg says, "I don't know, I don't have an opinion".

Update 3: 05pm IST: Roux objects to Nel's inference from media reports that Pistorius 'has found' new love. It was probably in reference to the report that Pistorius had called his ex-girlfriend on the night he shot dead Steenkamp. 

Update 3: 00pm IST: The proceedings resume. Recap so Far: Prosecutor says Reeva's father Steenkamp suffered a stroke as a result of what happened to his daughter.

Psychologist who worked with Pistorius says that, "as it stands now," the athlete "has lost his career".

Update: 2:08pm IST: The court is adjourned for half an hour.

Update 2: 07pm IST: Hartzenberg: "He would be restless, have exaggerated startle response, be irritable, do reckless things".

Update 1: 53pm IST: Nel asked if he never discussed his relationship with Samantha Taylor (Pistorius ex girlfriend)? and Hartzenberg says "he mentioned it, he mentioned relationship he had at school.. Hartzenberg adds that he wanted to share everything with her, share a home with her..."

Update 1: 45pm IST: Nel says, "I'm not blaming you for being abroad, surprised that a professional person would give evidence without reading judgement."

Update 1: 42pm IST: Nel says that the whole report deals with Pistorius and what he's lost, he says she should have been more balanced, accusing the doctor for being biased. 

Update 1: 33pm IST: Hartzenberg says she cannot say whether Pistorius will ever love anyone else, after losing love relationship.

Update 1: 33pm IST: Nel points out that Pistorius can still walk and pursue his career. Hartzenberg says he has shown no inclination to do so. Nel presses on why the psychological therapist did not discuss about his career as an athlete. 

Update 1: 26pm IST: Hartzenberg confirms that Pistorius' remorse and grief are genuine. His pain and suffering cannot be 'quantified', she testifies as she reveals that he is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He needs intensified Psychotheraphy for 'the broken man who has lost everything', the doctor says. 

Update 1: 16pm IST: Hartzenberg says she noted Pistorius was overwhelmed by emotion, guilt and remourse. He was emotionally drained due to loss of a loved one. He suffered from 'unresolved guilt' from the incident. He kept on looking back due to his guilt and could never get out of his remorse. He questioned God's grace and his fate. His ability to eat and sleep was also noted. He also notably missed Reeva Steenkamp. 

Update 1: 12pm IST: Hartzenberg said she decided to write a report on her observations. She's seen Pistorius for 18 months, sometimes daily. She reads out her lengthy report on psychological observations on Pistorius. 

Update 1:05pm IST: Roux calls first witness Pistorius' psychologist Dr Hartzenberg, questions are being asked. Hartzenberg takes the oath. Roux refers her to documents in front of her - her CV and report in this matter. She is asked her quealifications. 

Update 1:02pm IST: According to the Oscar Trial Channel: "Court orderly reminds us to mute cell phones. Judge enters... we're starting..."

Update 12:55pm IST: The Oscar Trial Channel tweets: "Both families seated, Gerrie Nel enters. Good to go... 5 minutes and counting down...#oscartrial

Update 12:50pm IST: Oscar Pistorius has arrived at court for trial. According to reports he could make a personal plea to the judge in an effort to avoid jail.

Pistorius has just taken seat, a few minutes ago, greets everyone in the court.

Oscar Pistorius, the Olympic gold medallist, who rose to fame for his running skills on prosthetic legs, only to be a fallen hero soon enough, will be back in court in South Africa later on Monday to know his fate for the killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on 14 February 2013.

The 27-year-old, better known as 'Blade Runner', was cleared of intentionally murdering his 29-year-old girlfriend on Valentine's Day shooting at his Pretoria home, last year.

The distraught-looking Paralympion was, however, convicted of charge of 'culpable homicide' following a melodramatic and action-packed trial that lasted for more than half a year.

Judge Thokozile Masipa in her ruling, said that the prosecutors had failed to prove that Pistorius intended to kill his girlfriend that night.

"The state clearly has not proved beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of premeditated murder," judge Masipa had said.

But since 'culpable homicide' has no minimum sentence in South Africa, there have been growing speculations on whether the athlete would ultimately walk free, much to the chagrin of Reeva's family members and millions of people who feel he must be punished for killing an innocent woman. The maximum sentence for the crime, however, is 15 years.

The South African law defines the term 'Culpable Homicide' as "killing a person with or without an intention to kill." The option of interpreting the possible details of how exactly the 'killing' took place lies at the hands of the judge.

Since there is no minimum sentence for the crime he is guilty of, the possibility of Pistorius going to jail lies anywhere between 0 to 15 years. That means, the Olympic champion could even walk free despite being guilty of culpable homicide.

Pistorius, who has often broken down sobbing during the protracted proceedings and once vomited as he was shown graphic pictures of his girlfriend's body, has maintained that he shot her as he mistook the South African supermodel for a dangerous intruder who might have entered through the toilet door.

The 'fallen hero of South Africa' will be punished by anything from 15 years behind bars to a suspended sentence or even a community service.