The CW's "The Originals" season 3 will be telecasted on Thursday, 8 October. But fans of the show aren't programmed to wait patiently for that long. And that is why, we have scooped up some rumours and speculations regarding what you can expect from the upcoming season.

In the season 2 finale, we saw the Mikaelsons get divided again, and this time, it looks like Elijah (Daniel Gillies) is not going to be as forgiving towards his brother Klaus (Joseph Morgan) as he had been in the past. Elijah feels that Klaus has used up all his free passes, and now wants nothing to do with him.

However, Hayley (Pheobe Tonkin), the mother of Klaus's baby and the woman Elijah is in love with, requested the older Mikaelson brother to stay with Klaus so that Hope will have at least one good role model. Elijah is only staying with Klaus for the sake of Hope, and has made his resentment towards Klaus very clear.

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It is the worst time for the family to be split up, because enemies known and unknown are rallying against the original family. We know that Davina (Danielle Campbell), who has always had a distaste for the Mikaelsons, is now seeking revenge for ruining her chance at bringing Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic/‎Daniel Sharman) back from the dead.

To make matters worse, Davina is now even more powerful than she used to be, after getting appointed as the new regent of the nine covens of New Orleans. The only reason she has spared Klaus – other than the fact that she has never actually been able to kill him – is because her two friends Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Josh (Steven Krueger) are sired by Klaus, and if Klaus gets killed, those sired by the hybrid will also be killed.

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However, from the promo for the upcoming season, it looks like Davina has found a way around it, and has somehow unsired Marcel from Klaus. Blood is seen running down the young witch who is surrounded by candles, guaranteeing that Davina is dealing with some heavy magic that will help her take the Mikaelsons down.

If not her, there are those who want to kill the Original family; vampires that are sired by the Mikaelsons. In one of the initial promos for season 3, we saw a couple of vampires talking about finding a way to kill the Originals without affecting them.

Some of the weapons they can use to kill Mikaelsons – even Klaus – are, Papa Tunde's blade, White Oak stake and a dagger made of the white oak ash. Freya (‎Riley Voelkel) has also spoken about how the Originals can be killed without the help of the white oak.