Joseph Morgan Klaus in 'The Originals'
Joseph Morgan as Klaus in 'The Originals'Facebook/ The Originals

The CW will air season 2 episode 20 of "The Originals", titled "City Beneath the Sea" on Monday, 27 April at 8.00 pm (EST).

As of episode 19 "When The Levee Breaks" Elijah has stabbed his younger brother's heart with a dagger that has put him to sleep; needless to say, rest of the Mikaelsons will have hell to pay when he wakes up. Meanwhile, Dahlia is closing in on Hope and Hayley and Jackson is in the Bayou under the protection of their hybrid werewolf army.

Eiljah (Daniel Gillies), believing Klaus (Joseph Morgan) could harm their chance at saving Hope, puts a dagger through his heart. This means, he has put his entire trust on their long-lost sister Freya (Riley Voelkel), who was raised by the very aunt Dahlia (Claudia Black) who is trying to take Hope away.

Many theories suggesting that Freya and Dahlia may be working together are starting to seem realistic. Freya asks Elijah to use Hope as a pawn to draw out Esther, which sounds extremely suspicious. If Freya is not working with Dahlia, she may have worked out a deal with her aunt, wherein her freedom is guaranteed in exchange for Hope's.

Meanwhile, Dahlia visits Klaus in his unconscious state, and tries to tell him her side of story, and when Klaus tells her, "No ancient plight will justify your intention to enslave my daughter," Dahlia replies: "Oh Nicklaus, our plights are the same".

For the first time in the show, Dahlia, who has been branded as a power-hungry villain, will be told. Will her story touch Klaus, in a way Freya's failed to?

Watch season 2 episode 20 "City Beneath the Sea" of "The Originals" on The CW at 8.00 pm (EST) on Monday, 27 April.