Klaus and Elijah in 'The Originals'
Klaus and Elijah in 'The Originals'Facebok/The Originals

The CW's vampire series "The Originals" is nearing the season finale, and with it, comes some of the most nail-bitingly exciting episodes of the show. As of season 2 episode 18 "Night Has A Thousand Eyes", both parents of the Mikaelson siblings have been killed, meaning it is for the children to decide if they want to fight among each other or with each other, and kill beloved aunt Dahlia.

While Freya (Riley Voelkel) killed her mother for giving her up when she was a baby, to aunt Dahlia (Claudia Black) in order to protect the rest of the Mikaelson clan, her brother Klaus (Joseph Morgan) stabbed their father to death for being cruel to him from childhood. Meanwhile, Dahlia is gaining ground in New Orleans, having sent a message of her arrival to the witches of French Quarter by killing their leader.

Baby Hope, whom every single Mikaelson, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and her super wolf pack are trying to save, may already be on her way to the evil clutches of Dahlia. Jackson (Nathan Parsons) has the brilliant idea to flee from New Orleans with his wife and baby with the help of Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). However, from the looks of it, it doesn't seem that Marcel is his true self.

Clearly, Dahlia is a very powerful witch and sticking together is the only way the Mikaelsons even have a chance at defeating her. However, it seems like the Mikaelson brothers, Klaus and Elijah (Daniel Gillies), may be butting heads in their method of finding and fighting Dahlia.

"Elijah attempts to convince Klaus that they need to work together in their fight against Dahlia, but Klaus forges ahead with his own dangerous plan, leaving everyone concerned about his next steps," reads the official synopsis for episode 19.

The divided family also gets two ultimatums from their long-lost family members; while Dahlia gives Klaus and Hayley a deadline to turn over baby Hope, Freya asks Rebekah (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) and Elijah to choose, hopefully between the erratic Klaus and Freya, who might have a chance at defeating Dahlia.

To know which of the Mikaelson sibling is still standing at the end of season 2 episode 19, "When the Levee Breaks", tune into The CW at 8pm (EST) on Monday 20 April.