The Vampire Diaries spin-off series The Originals is coming to an end after the upcoming Season 5, showrunner Julie Plec reveals in a statement. Season 5 is expected to have just 13 episodes.

The fifth and final season will begin production on Monday, Plec said.

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"It's both a gift and a burden to be able to control the ending of a series," Plec said in the statement. "Many shows are not lucky enough to have a hand in deciding when the end has come. Being able to celebrate the completion of The Vampire Diaries was a joyful and deeply emotional ride, a luxury gifted by Mark Pedowitz at The CW and Peter Roth at WBTV, who, as TV fans themselves, know what it means when a fan is able to say goodbye. Ending a show is always bittersweet, but for me, it's a true blessing to be a part of making that choice," he added.

It is not yet known how the series will wrap up, but the new season will feature a time-jump and a new actress will be essaying Hope. Candice Accola's character Caroline will also be featured in the Season 5 premiere.

The Originals
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So, how do fans react to the show wrapping up after the upcoming season? Many of them had already predicted this considering The Originals weren't bringing in the kind of ratings it was supposed to.

"If a show has low costs, it can sustain low ratings. The Plec shows had HUGE casts by CW standards, and simply lacked the ratings to justify what were expensive production costs," pointed out a fan on TVLine's page.

Another fan added: "I think this is a good thing. i love this show, more even than TVD, but it has to go out with a bang, and not on a whimper."