Keep aside that Maggi with roti and cheese, make some way for the most exotic dishes your dining table can ever have! If a samosa can have oreo ice cream in it, then why not french fries with pickles?
Check out the weirdest food combinations that people have tried during these lockdown days:
oreo ice cream in samosa
oreo ice cream in samosaTwitter

Sweet Maggi

Be it the lockdown or not, the most inevitable among the 'new normal' food recipe is the milk Maggi. The noodles that always tickled your taste buds with its hot masala flavour now hits the sweet buds with the sweet candy flavor.

sweet maggi
sweet maggiTheVegFood YouTube

Gulab jamun with sabzi

Gulab jamun with roti is an easy try but with sabzi, ain't so easy you think! Not anymore for gulab jamuns dunked in some curry base, say thick dal, will do the best combo for your night's roti and rice. But remember that you take the fried gulab jamun balls instead of that sugary soft one.

Gulab jamun with sabzi
Gulab jamun with sabziBigBasket

French fries with pickles

Yes the most simple in the list. Grab those potatoes and make your french fries. Let the the ketchup bottle remain there for you are going to pair the fries with the tangy spicy pickles to feel the most exotic spiciness ever! And if you have a box of ice cream there in the cooling room, then why not take a dip of the fries in that?

french fries with pickles

Nutella dosa

Dosa and idli are no more the 'South Indians' in your menu. The Indian crepe on your table will be the most amazing of your lockdown food combos! And if not Nutella, who said no to a mixed fruit jam spread!

nutella dosa
nutella dosaNutella

Samosa with oreo ice cream

Who doesn't love a cold scoop of Oreo ice cream on these terribly hot days? Ladle a scoop of the ice cream to the 'garam' samosa and there you go!

Hamza Gulzar on oreo ice cream in samosa
Hamza Gulzar on oreo ice cream in samosaTwitter

Biscuit cakes

Maybe the most reasonable cake for the period! Crush the whole pack of that biscuit (be it any) and with a bit of cocoa powder and butter, you know what to do!

biscuit cakes
biscuit cake

Corn flakes with cheese and milk

Wondering on your tomorrow's breakfast? Here is the solution. Call it the most repulsive combo, yet for the cheese lover in you, this is surely uncompromising.

cornflakes in milkYummly