A week ago, several screenshots of lewd chat from a private group called 'Bois Locker Room' had shocked the internet to the core. The group consisted of several school and college boys from South Delhi, who were accused of sharing photos of underage girls, objectifying them, and promoting rape culture.

The incident received a lot of mixed reactions on social media, calling the boys out and expressing the need for better sex education in schools. After the sensational expose of Boys locker room, a few days later it was revealed that a similar group comprising of girls named girls locker room had made headlines for objectifying men. Several Bollywood celebs came forward to share their piece of opinion about the apparent lewd group conversations.

Esha Gupta

Last week, International Business Times India exclusively spoke to two actresses namely Digangana Suryavanshi and Mandana Karimi. And now Bollywood actress Esha Gupta who hails from Delhi spoke to us in length exclusively about the ongoing case and gave her opinion on the ongoing Bois Locker room case.

Excerpts from the interview:

On social media as the only source of entertainment for young adults

I believe that these days, young adults are exposed to digital and social media, without attaining the required maturity level. Everyone is following the rat race. The source of entertainment for them is digital medium and social media browsing. Look at these teenage girls who are merely 14 years of age. They are more concerned about their looks rather than their development.

So the other day I was talking to one of my friends and as discussing the books one must read during the lockdown, and the friend of mine started searching for an audiobook. Then I realised people are heavily dependent on social media. I am not saying I am not on social media. After cooking, cleaning, working out I am bored then social media comes to the recuse. As I love animals, I watch videos of animals on Instagram. But these kids are so affected by these apps. There is online bullying, look at the Bois Locker Room case.

Her views on parental guidance on Bios Locker room case

See the ongoing Bios Locker Room case, I believe parental guidance is essential during schooling years. When I was young my parents gave me a phone and that as shared between me and my sister to be in touch with our family during an emergency but nowadays, I see young kids of 12 or 13 years old have access to social media and phone. It's a catch 22 situation for the parents, how much can parents look into this.

The major problem lies with Indian society is that the kids are overprotected. Parents often keep saying, 'Abhi toh bacha hai', they don't want to believe that their 18 years old boy is a young adult. Men of 25 years of age behave like they are 12 years old. Parents don't want to spend time with their kids. Just because they aren't able to give sufficient time to their kids, they end you buying expensive gifts and the result is overexposure to apps, gadgets, etc. Look at the parents abroad, the kids start working there from a young age, they are made more responsible. I believe there is no human connection anymore due to social media not only in India but all over the world.

Boys locker room leakes sc

On Nirbahya rape case

Let's not forget Nirbhaya it was the minor who decided to put the rod inside her, it wasn't the other. I don't want our country to be going this way. In fact, the thought and look of it are disturbing and disgusting. It's said in the Bible, ' You have already committed a crime when a woman with wrong intentions, thought about the things you are going to do to her,' I am putting it this way, but in the Bible, it is put across in a biblical way.

But the mere thought of raping a woman is something only we as a woman can feel.

On not wanting a daughter

I come from Delhi. Delhi is big and I don't know the mentality there, I can't understand. Wanting to rape a girl is beyond my belief. When I heard those things. I thought I don't want a daughter because I don't know how much can I protect her. Then I thought Oh god! I don't want a son what if he has this thought process how much will I be able to ground him.

Esha Gupta

On not following the case closely

I don't know much about it as I am not following the case closely as its disturbing. I just feel hurt, whatever it is I hope the truth comes out soon. I am in Mumbai stranded alone when I wanted to go back home flights were shut. Being all alone and reading all this it aggravates me. All I want is people don't spread false news on social media during the lockdown.

Latest update on the Bois Locker Room case!

An investigation into the controversial 'Bois Locker Room' case has revealed that the discussion to 'molest' and 'gangrape' a girl never happened in the group. Instead, the 'sexual assault' talk took place in a private chat conversation on Snapchat through an account created by a 'girl' (juvenile) with a fake male name 'Siddharth' and was meant to test the values and character of the other juvenile, who was the recipient of the chat.

On the work front actress Esha Gupta will be making her digital debut with Rejectx season 2 on Zee 5.