A viral video of a brave orangutan trying to fight off a huge bulldozer as it destroys a forest is highlighting the price these wild animals pay when trees are chopped and forest cover is destroyed.

According to reports, the incident occurred in the Ketapang Regency on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia.

In the heartbreaking clip, the ape is seen walking across a fallen tree, right in front of a bulldozer. It then grabs the ripper of the vehicle in a bid to stop it from destroying its home, dodging the ripper, but losses balance and falls to the ground.

A member of the Orangutan Protection Unit for the International Animal Rescue non-profit organisation is seen trying to dart the ape with a tranquilizer.

Luckily, the animal was rescued.

Recently, another orangutan in Indonesian zoo made headlines after it was caught smoking in a video.

Activist Marison Guciano posted the video, which shows orangutan named Odon smoking after a visitor lit the cigarette and flicked it, half-smoked, into the animal's enclosure at Bandung Zoo.

Guciano, who is the founder of the Indonesia Animal Welfare Society, strongly criticised the incident.

Though the activist the blamed the man for throwing the cigarette into the primate's enclosure, he also said that the incident occurred because of the "weak control" by the zoo management.