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Cast members of the Netflix series "Orange is the New Black" celebrate their award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.Reuters

When "Orange is the New Black" returns for a third season, Jason Bigg's character, Larry, will not be a part of it.

Confirming his absence in season 3 of "Orange is the New Black,"the "American Pie" alum told New York Daily News that this does not mean his character has been written off completely.

"They're not focusing on Larry at the moment," Biggs said. "Larry will not be in season 3. But there's always a possibility he can come back."

Sadly, fans of "Orange is the New Black" aren't too disappointed that Larry isn't returning.

"I'm so sad jason biggs won't be in season 3, larry is my fav character :/ - said no one ever," wrote one fan, while many others echoed similar sentiments. "Best news of the day: No more Jason Biggs on 'Orange Is the New Black'," wrote another.

"Thank the Lord, no more Larry," yet another tweet read.

Understandably, Larry is not a character that's adored by "Orange is the New Black" fans. He is self absorbed and is seen as a villain when he makes questionable choices in a bid to take care of himself.

The last we saw Larry, one of the few male characters on the show, he had a steamy affair with fiancee Piper's (Taylor Schilling) friend Polly Harper (Maria Dizzia), thereby cementing the end of his engagement to Piper.

 "It's definitely a shocker in terms of the storyline," Biggs told Metro Weekly when asked about the affair. "But at the same time, I think Larry is a tough character to write for. It's only getting more difficult. I'll be curious to see what the future has in store for me and the show. I mean, I think there will always be a place for Larry, but as Piper becomes more enmeshed in the prison world, Larry's role on the outside is just more difficult. It's just difficult.

"But I also just think Larry, at this point, is really kind of out for revenge. I think he's trying to protect himself, but I think he's really hurt and trying to say, 'Fuck you, Piper,' and I think that's the best way he knew how."

Season 3 of "Orange Is the New Black" premieres in June 2015 on Netflix.