Piper in Season 4 of "Orange is the New Black"
Piper in Season 4 of "Orange is the New Black"Netflix

Season 4 of Netflix's "Orange is the New Black" will premiere on Friday, June 17, and all fans can binge-watch all the episodes then. However, International Business Times, India got an advance look at the first six episodes of the season, and we have a spoiler-free review for you.

"Orange is the New Black" spoiler-free recap of Season 4:

Every fan who watched Season 3 of "Orange is the new Black" might have already guessed that the inmates of Litchfield prison will be getting a taste of freedom. That is exactly what we see when the Season 4 begins, but soon enough we see the day developing into something scary and crazy, sometimes both at the same time.

The one thing we notice immediately about the Season 4 premiere is that unlike the previous seasons, the episode does not drag thing out too much. Action is fast paced and there is so much of it, especially with Alex (Laura Prepon).

As we had speculated earlier, Alex has survived the season hiatus and the murder attempt, but has much worse to face. It is safe to say, romance with Piper (Tayler Schilling) or anyone else for that matter, will not be on the cards for her anytime soon.

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Piper, meanwhile, will be taking a backseat this season, presumably due to fans' dislike for the character. Something about the tone of the epsiodes tells us that this season is going to see a lot less of her than we're used to.

However, some of the best moments from the episode are Piper trying to convince everyone that she is as "gangsta" as she feels on the inside. With a whole bunch of new inmates, it would definitely be hilarious to see her trying to navigate her way to the top. It doesn't help that the Latinas are her mortal enemies now and would go to any length to see her crash and burn. 

One thing to look forward to this season is the arrival of Judy King (Blair Brown), whose character is loosely based on celebrity chef Martha Stewart. It is a brilliant decision to add this character to the show and even if the only great thing we get out of her arrival to Litchfield is Poussey's (Samira Wiley) reaction, it would still be worth it.

Notable quote from Season 4: "I'm gangsta. Like, with an 'a' at the end." — Piper. 

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