Maintaining oral hygiene is really important for all of us, a research states that our oral health reveals about our overall health. If our mouth is not taken proper care of, we will suffer from cavities, plaque, stained teeth, bad breath and gum inflammation which can lead to even severe diseases like heart ailments, dementia, diabetes and respiratory infections.

If you are struggling hard to maintain your oral health, here are some easy tips for you to follow:

1. Brush twice a day

This is the basic childhood advice we have been listening to and it's high time that we add it to our day's "things to do list." Make sure you brush your gum line too along with the teeth and use floss. It helps in clearing the acid build up in your mouth, removes stuck or leftover food particles and reduces bad breath causing germs.

2. Use mouthwash

Doing so helps in maintaining fresh breath and stronger teeth and also helps in maintaining the hygiene level in your mouth. It serves the purpose better when you do your bit by brushing and flossing etc.

3. Avoid excess consumption of caffeine and cola

Your teeth got microscopic pits which tend to get stained by the food and beverages you consume. Drinks such as coffee and colas tend to make the teeth yellowish and they are capable of staining your teeth permanently.

4. Have fibrous fruits and veggies

Consuming fibrous fruits such as apples and carrots as it helps in providing your mouth with a good scrub. It also leads to secretion of saliva in the mouth which helps in rinsing away food particles and germs.

5. Consume cheese

As per a study conducted by the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), eating cheese helps in lowering the chances of getting cavities and it also strengthens the teeth enamel while providing you with calcium and proteins.

Apart from following these tips, start consuming green leafy vegetables as it will provide you with calcium in abundance and aid in maintaining oral health. Also, drink enough water it will help in maintaining the cleanliness in your mouth and also cut down bad breath. Do visit your dentist every once in a while for general check up.