We've seen some incredible innovations in the smartphone space from the most unexpected brands. Oppo has charged ahead of all mobile manufacturers by offering the fastest charging technology in its upcoming Reno Ace smartphone, which should become the industry standard for smartphones, especially flagships coming from major brands like Samsung and Apple.

Topping the existing fast charging technologies like 30W Warp Charge by OnePlus and 40W SuperCharge by Huawei, Oppo has confirmed in a video that its Reno Ace will feature 65W SuperVOOC fast charging support. The company had already been ahead of rivals with 50W fast charging support in Oppo R17 Pro, but the improved SuperVOOC is just on a whole another level.

We've heard about 100W fast-charging solutions from Vivo and Xiaomi, but the technology appears to be far from a commercial reality. Oppo Reno Ace is the closest one can get in terms of extremely fast charging.

Watch | Oppo Reno Ace charges 4,000mAh battery in less than 30 minutes
Oppo Reno Ace  Oppo/Weibo

A brief video shared on Weibo from Oppo's official handle shows 65W SuperVOOC and VOOC 3.0 fast-charging test side-by-side. Oppo Reno Ace, the handset on the left, charges a 4,000mAh battery to 100 percent in under 30 minutes, which is an incredible feat. Since this is a comparison video, the VOOC 3.0 charges slightly over 40 percent.

But if we look closely, the VOOC 3.0 starts charging from an almost drained battery whereas the Reno Ace starts at 10 percent. Even then, the charging speed of the Reno Ace is commendable. We couldn't stress enough on the importance of having fast charging, at least 30W, in flagships. Apple has finally offered an 18W adapter in the box, and Samsung moved up the ladder with 25W adapter. They are not nearly as close to what Reno Ace is going to offer.

Oppo Reno Ace is expected to be launched on October 10 in China. Rumours have been making the rounds, suggesting the latest Reno phone could get a 90Hz display - much like the OnePlus 7 Pro and the upcoming OnePlus 7T. Both these features of the Reno Ace haven't made it to the mainstream, but they surely seem like the future. It's about time major corporations with well-funded R&Ds caught up to these Chinese rivals' innovations.