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Shocked over the Charlie Hebdo killings, infamous hacker team Anonymous has declared an open war on all terrorist social media sites to avenge the ghastly act in Paris last week.

In that order, Anonymous announced via Twitter handle #OpCharlieHebdo that it has struck its first salvo on, a terror mongering website, reported BGR.

"#TangoDown :  Expect us. #JeSuisCharlie #OpCharlieHebdo #CharlieHebdo," reads the tweet.

The hacker team - Anonymous - which stood for freedom of speech for long, was shocked over the massacre of Charlie Hebdo cartoon artists – Stephane Charbonnier (aka Charb), Jean Cabut (aka Cabu), Georges Wolinski, Bernard Verlhac (aka Tignous) and other journalists. It termed the terrorist attack, an assault on freedom of speech.

Anonymous' France legion has released video paying tributes to the Charlie Hebdo journalists and their family. It also warns of attack on all social media sites of terrorists.

The video begins with the posters of Paris citizens holding candles and 'Je Suis Charlie' placards. Later Anonymous representative with a trademark 'guy fawkes' mask speaks addressing citizens of the world that the 6 January Charlie Hebdo incident was a bruise to freedom of speech.

"Anonymous has always fought for freedom of speech and freedom of the press. We will never stop and Anonymous will remind every citizens that freedom of press is fundamental to all democracies.

"It is everyone's responsibility to defend it. We (Anonymous) always fought for freedom of speech, we will not give in. Attacking freedom of speech is attacking Anonymous. We will not permit it. Any oraganisation and enterprise linked to those terrorist attacks should expect massive reaction from Anonymous. We are tracking you down, we will find you and not leave you any rest," said the representative.

The video ends with phrases – "We act; We are Anonymous; We are legion; We do not forgive; We do not forget; Expect us" – strongly sending a message that hacker group will not rest until all terrorist social media sites gets shut down.

Anonymous has also invited fans to contribute in locating terror-mongering sites and also specifically mentions that terrorism has no religion or race/creed and pleads people to be unbiased.

#OpCharlieHebdo: One Down, More Jehadi Sites go Off-line; Anonymous Declares War on TerrorOpCharlieHebdo via Twitter

Watch the Anonymous Video Here:

#OpCharlieHebdo: One Down, More Jehadi Sites go Off-line; Anonymous Declares War on TerrorAnonymous France via YouTube

With the entry of Anonymous, many multi-national security agencies have got themselves an unlikely ally to fight against the terrorism.