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Still afraid of Stone Cold Steve Austin? In picture: Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Panama CityReuters

US presidential nominee Donald Trump is all over the news these days for his strange revelations and jaw dropping previous statements. Often described as a loud mouth, the 70-year-old businessman-turned-politician was once completely silenced by famed WWE superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin.

This happened during a WWE episode in 2007. Not only that, Donald Trump was also on the receiving end of a "Stone Cold stunner" at WrestleMania 23, held that year. Almost nine years have passed, but the incident still is etched brightly in the minds of pro wrestling fans.

The second of the three US presidential debates took place this Sunday, October 9, featuring Trump and Hillary Clinton in a war of words. Incidentally, the date of the debate coincided with WWE No Mercy 2016.

Steve Austin has left pro wrestling, but has been making cameo appearances in the Vince McMahon owned WWE. He was watching the debate closely. "Watching WWE No Mercy and listening to presidential debate. Seeing some pretty good wrestling and hearing a lot of bulls*** [sic]," the 51-year-old posted on Twitter.

Earlier this year, the pro wrestler credited Trump for taking his trademark pro wrestling finisher -- the "Stone Cold Stunner" at WrestleMania 23 and thus becoming the only presidential candidate in the history of United States of America to come at the receiving end of the pro wrestling move.

"We [me and Vince McMahon] had to explain to him what a Stone Cold Stunner was and Donald's right-hand guy was giving him a million reasons why not to take the Stunner, and what could go wrong, [how] it's not going to look good," Austin spoke to Men's Journal.

"Donald and Vince had a relationship – I believe they're friends – and Donald said, 'Sure Vince, I'll take it.' I briefly explained to him in literally five seconds how to take it," he continues. "We went to the ring, we did the match, and at the end we did the stunner and it wasn't the greatest stunner in the world, but I give Donald Trump a lot of credit and respect for doing something like that that he didn't have to do."

"But I had no idea back then that he would be a candidate to be the President of the United States," Austin added.

Here is the segment where Stone Cold completely silenced Donald Trump in a WWE event

Stone Cold gives Donald Trump the stunner at WrestleMania 23