OnePlus has always put its community first, be it talking about new features in its upcoming smartphones or get honest feedback on its products and features. Now, the Chinese smartphone maker wants to strengthen that relationship by putting one lucky person in charge of a new feature idea that can be integrated into OxygenOS.

OnePlus is calling this a "Product Manager Challenge," where anyone with the know-how of bringing the most useful change to OxygenOS will stand a chance to win great rewards. If you've had an idea that could improve OxygenOS, Android-based custom ROM which powers all OnePlus smartphones, then don't hold yourself back.

OnePlus has made a pretty formal process for your idea to be sent to the company for review. For that, the user must prepare a PRD (product requirements document) that answers the following questions:

Who are the users?

What is the proposed function?

What is the user value?

If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?

OnePlus PMChallenge is live
OnePlus PMChallenge is liveOnePlus forums

That said, the user must then explain the logic behind the feature and how it can be implemented using sketches that follow the flow of the interface. So, it's not as simple as saying "hey OnePlus, I've got this cool idea," but you must really make an effort so the company actually sees your idea in its best form.

To help you understand how the sketches can be created, check out some examples by Gary C from OxygenOS Operations.

  • OnePlus submission samples
    OnePlus submission samplesOnePlus forums
  • OnePlus submission samples
    OnePlus submission samplesOnePlus forums
  • OnePlus submission samples
    OnePlus submission samplesOnePlus forums

Make sure you submit your ideas on Tech Talk thread with #PMChallenge at the beginning of the post before February 22. OnePlus will then handpick the best idea to implement in the OxygenOS.

It's all not for nothing!

For those who know OnePlus, nothing is ever without a reward. The winner of the Product Manager Challenge will be announced by mid-March and when the feature is ready, the winner will be flown out to the nearest OnePlus launch event for a VIP experience while witnessing the launch first hand. Yes, the flight fare will be on OnePlus for this one.

But that's not it. The winner also gets the latest OnePlus smartphone in which the feature will be debuted. Pretty cool, right? Why don't you put on your thinking hats and get cracking?