It has been two months since OnePlus expanded its product portfolio with OnePlus TV 55 Q1 and Q1 Pro to make the premium smart TV space in India more challenging. But the TVs were launched without Netflix support, which made it lag behind some cheaper alternatives in the country. Not anymore.

OnePlus TVs have finally got Netflix, allowing users to stream a wide range of TV shows, movies and more on a 55-inch screen. While the new TVs come pre-installed with Netflix app, existing users can get the popular streaming app via a software update. Once updated, users can head to Play Store to download the Netflix app.

But that's not the only change OnePlus TV users witness with this update. Any smart TV with Netflix support is required to add a dedicated button for Netflix, but the OnePlus TV remote that was launched alongside the new TVs lacked the requirement as expected. In order to accommodate the new change, OnePlus has added a Netflix button to its TV remote while completely changing its design.

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OnePlus TV remoteIBTimes India/Sami Khan

OnePlus TV remote 2.0

The original OnePlus TV remote received mixed reactions. While the company made a big deal out of the design of its TV remote, a lot of critics highlighted the missing mute button and the odd placement of the volume controls. But OnePlus took the opportunity to improve the TV remote design while adding the Netflix button.

Take a look at the new OnePlus TV remote:

OnePlus TV Netflix remote
OnePlus TV Netflix remoteOnePlus

As you can see above, the new OnePlus TV remote now has a dedicated Netflix button, but it also gets a mute button alongside the volume controls that are no longer on the side of the remote. OnePlus TV remote looks like a regular remote with a minimalistic design. There are dedicated buttons for Amazon Prime Video and YouTube as well as Google Assistant.

How to get free OnePlus TV remote?

New buyers of OnePlus TV will get the new remote, but those who already bought the TV, which came with the original TV remote, will be eligible for a free Netflix remote. Users can simply go to the OnePlus website and place an order for the Netflix remote.

In order to get the Netflix remote, users need to find the TV's serial number by navigating to "Account Centre > Device. Verify the serial number to receive your invitation code. Users can redeem the code within 45 days to get a free Netflix remote. There's no way to buy the Netflix remote separately, so users must get it via invitation code.