OnePlus One Gets CM11S Update With Tons Of New Features; What Does It Mean For Indian Users
OnePlus Rolls Out New CyanogenMod 11S Update; Here Are The New Features And UpgradesOnePlus

Ever since OnePlus announced a new CyanogenMod 11S update was underway, One smartphone owners have grown impatient. But the wait is finally over, as the company just started rolling out the latest software update over-the-air, complete with new features, improvements and bug fixes for known problems. As announced by OnePlus last week, the update includes SwiftKey integration along with enhancements to camera and sound performance.

The software update is being rolled out to all owners of One smartphones but due to its legal feud with Micromax in India, One owners will have to go through the unofficial route. The CM11S 05Q update is still based on Android 4.4.4 KitKat while the company's homegrown OxygenOS based on Lollipop is set to roll out soon, which will be available to Indian customers over-the-air.

As for the CM11S 05Q update, there are several notable features:

SwiftKey: By integrating SwiftKey into OnePlus One phones, users will have a refreshed look to their default keyboard. SwiftKey brings support to 81 different languages along with series of new features like changeable themes, layouts and SwiftKey Flow. The new keyboard will not be forced upon users who do not wish to change their default keyboard. Once the update is installed, SwiftKey will appear in the keyboard settings and will need activation by the user.

MaxxAudio: This is yet another important addition to the OnePlus One phones. MaxxAudio enhances the sound performance of the device by integrating directly into the AudioFX equalizer. It has been custom-tuned to bring the most out of One's speakers as well as Silver Bullet and JBL E+ headphones. There are new equaliser modes to suit different genres of music.

Camera: Those who use the camera on OnePlus One extensively will love the new addition. The update brings three new video focus options: auto, continuous and infinity. Auto focus will let users set focus before recording begins. Continuous focus will automatically refocus whenever necessary while recording a video. Finally, Inifinity mode will focus on everything in the background as well as foreground without any difference.

Improvements: The update configuration for NFC, BlueDroid has been improved along with media codecs. The CM11S update also addresses several bug fixes as noted by OnePlus in a detailed post.

How to install CM11S 05Q in Indian handsets?

OnePlus has made a ZIP file available for download to those who cannot receive the software over-the-air, a much-suited scenario for Indian users. The 145MB update can be downloaded as a ZIP file on your PC; apply it using stock Recovery option, according to Android Police.