OnePlus launched the highly-rewarded metal clad OnePlus 2 smartphone in late-July but continues to face troubles getting the handset in customers' hands. The stringent invite system has become a nightmare for those who wanted to buy the handset.

In a detailed post on the company's official forums, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei issued an apology to all fans for messing up the OnePlus 2 launch.

Pei continued to assure that better days are yet to come. To begin with, he noted that OnePlus 2 shipments began in "meaningful quantities" just this week, which is nearly a month later that the company's expected deadline. But the company believes "flawless execution speaks much louder than unfulfilled promises."

In a bid to overcome the elongated wait, OnePlus will host an open sale for the worthy OnePlus 2 handset. The open sale will not require any invites for buyers before purchasing the handset. But the sale will only last for an hour.

OnePlus did not reveal the exact date when the OnePlus 2 open sale will commence, but rounded off estimation to somewhere around later this month and early next month. This may certainly rest the rage and chaos caused among the fans.

In addition to apologising to its fans, Pei also addressed the partners in its note as well as the OnePlus team. "Truth is, hardware is extremely hard. There are so many things to consider, like cash flow, inventory, supply chain and production. Every step of the way, there are landmines for the uninitiated and uncareful. This is a reflection and not an excuse," Pei writes.

As for the device itself, OnePlus 2 turned out to be an impressive device overall. Everything from specs and features to the classy design makes OnePlus 2 a worthy device. Our review of the handset rated it fairly as a "must buy" for those who are upgrading from a basic smartphone.

We'll keep an eye out for the OnePlus 2 open sale and bring to your notice at once. You can also check the OnePlus forums for constant updates on the handset's availability and other advancements.