OnePlus unveiled its latest concept smartphone, OnePlus 11 Concept, at the coveted Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 in Barcelona, Spain. With this launch, the company aims to redefine the industry standards with new active cooling technology - Active CryoFlux - in a complementing icy avatar. But we couldn't help but draw some unusual comparison between the phone and HBO's super-hit web series, Game of Thrones.

OnePlus with its concept phone wants to showcase its advanced cooling technology in phones. We've only seen some variations of cooling technologies, and some have actually worked — to an extent. But what OnePlus wants to do here is change the rules of the game. The technology it uses, if we had to put it into imagination, would be akin to the white walkers and the Night King's capabilities shown in Game of Thrones. With all the evilness aside, the white walkers' signature is snow and everything that's sub-zero degrees and the Night King was their supreme leader. 

OnePlus 11 Concept
OnePlus 11 Concept

The OnePlus 11 Concept's Active CryoFlux is sort of similar to that. Any graphics-intensive tasks and games alike will be met with the "freezing" (cooling is the appropriate word) touch of the OnePlus 11 Concept icy-cold Active CryoFlux liquid. Sorry, Jon Snow! OnePlus 11 Concept doesn't suit you as well as it does in the hands of your nemesis. Bran Stark probably knew that all along.

What is this Active CryoFlux exactly?

OnePlus calls Active CryoFlux a game-changing cooling technology, which can reduce the temperature up to 2.1℃, improving the frame rate by 3-4 fps during gameplay. The Active CryoFlux can also bring the temperature down when charging by 1.6℃ - shaving off 30s-45s from the charging time, OnePlus says.

To achieve this, OnePlus miniaturized the industry-grade cooling capability of gaming PCs, the gold standard, into a smartphone. Active CryoFlux functions with the industrial-grade ceramic piezoelectric micropumps at the center, connected to pipelines sandwiched between an upper and lower diaphragm. The micropump takes up an area less than 0.2cm, enabling the liquid to circulation around the pipelines without significantly increasing a phone's weight and thickness.

OnePlus 11 Concept
OnePlus 11 ConceptOnePlus

All the geeky elements don't take away that cool factor. It's got an icy feeling. With a glass unibody design, the OnePlus 11 Concept is curved towards the sides for a thinner bezel. The key attraction is the clear rear cover, delivering a mesmerizing view of the micro-liquid flowing through the pipelines.

Even the camera lens has a nice icy touch. Active CryoFlux liquid flows through the camera in a halo, and the lens area is surrounded by Guilloché etching. It is a very precise decorative technique that engraves an intricate pattern, used primarily in luxury timepieces.

Just wondering how cool it would be if there's a OnePlus 11 Concept Game of Thrones edition sometime in the future. Even if there isn't, it's hard not to see the connection.