The manga series of "One Piece" has reached an exciting chapter as several of the characters are all set to come together and take part in the big battle. Apart from Luffy and Big Mom, the battle will also include some powerful and prominent members of Straw Hats and Charlotte clan. Chapter 837 is undoubtedly going to be action-packed.

In the previous chapter, it was revealed that Luffy challenged Charlotte Cracker for some reason that was not explained previously. Luffy confronted Charlotte when he was trying to halt an escape from the Seducing Woods. Much to the shock of Luffy, Cracker told him that he is, in fact, son of Charlotte Linlin, who is popularly known as Big Mom.

Cracker intended to distract Luffy and his friends from escaping the forest by using Big Mom's powers. However, it seems that he has got powers of his own that might be revealed in the upcoming chapter of the manga. A glimpse of his powers was seen in the previous chapters, but the full potential of them have not been revealed yet.

Chapter 836 also hinted at some other powers of Cracker. When Cracker tried to attack Pound, one of Big Mom's numerous husbands, Luffy defended him and dodged Cracker's attacks. However, much to Luffy's shock, Cracker's hands and swords started to multiply immediately.

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Though the manga creators haven't yet confirmed that how many arms Cracker can grow up, fans are speculating that with Cracker, Luffy might be facing the legendary enemy who is said to be possessor of "Thousand Arms."

Whether Luffy will be able to defeat Cracker or Cracker's arms will succeed in taking control of Luffy, the truth will be found once the next chapter titled "The Vivre Card Lla Gaver" is published.

Chapter 837 will pick up from where Chapter 836 left and it seems that whatever the outcome will be, the battle between Luffy and Cracker won't last for long. However, it will be interesting and thrilling for sure.