Big Mom's devil fruit abilities were revealed in the previous issue of "One Punch Man" manga and readers are looking forward to find more about her family and past.

Another major revelation made in the last issue was that Lola is Big Mom's daughter. After Luffy saved Lola's life in Thriller Bark, Big Mom might forgive the Straw Hats and accept his presence in her life.

In Chapter 835, Lola's father appeared for the first time as he spill the beans on Big Mom. However, Charlotte Cracker just reached in time and pulled him out of the ground. Since then, fans have been speculating how the story will develop in Chapter 836.

As reported by Yibada, Lola is more close to Yonkou than Brulee that angers the latter. When the eater of the Mirror-Mirror fruit tries to confront them, she is knocked down by Lola's dad, who afterwards frees Carrot from the captive.

Afterwards, the giant tells the Straw Hats that he will help him and leads him out of the forest. The trees give way to the giant as if they are scared of him and Luffy notices it too.

However, just when they are about to exit, the giant reveals that he has got the possession of Big Mom's 'vivre' card. He shows it to Luffy who realises that the card is burning slowly. Thinking that Big Mom might be dying, Luffy asks the giant about it, who tells him that in order to live more, Big Mom needs to suck the life out of other people.

In the meantime, Ms. Bakkin and Weevil enters the Whole Cake Island in search of Big Mom as Ms. Bakkin is, in fact, Big Mom's elder daughter. After enquiring the locals, they decide to go on a search for her.

Undoubtedly, Chapter 836 will be full of unexpected twists and numerous adventures. Till the latest chapter is released, fans can read Chapter 835 on Manga Mint.