Apple released the iOS 9.0 on 16 September to all its previously-notified iDevices across the world for free.

The new mobile operating system was supposedly a huge hit among users as more than 50% of Apple patrons lapped it up into their devices within a week of its release, but only regreted later as they found that the new iOS was riddled with numerous bugs.

Apple released the new software patch to fix four major glitches and also the company which had reportedly told that App slicing feature to be a game changer in new iOS 9.0, was again missing in action even in the new version iOS 9.0.1 (released on 24 September).

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Apple in a press statement has confirmed that App slicing feature is still inactive due to the presence of a bug in the iCloud. The company has promised that its engineers are already working on it and is expected to be enabled in the new software update (probably, in the new iOS 9.0.2). However, Apple has refrained from revealing the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) of the new patch.

What is App slicing?

As we said before, App slicing feature is a game changer for iPhone and to other iDevices, especially to those with limited storage space like 16GB.

Previously, iOS-based devices used to have universal integration of files in all the multiple Apple devices owned by the users.

Now, the company says that the Apple Store via App slicer will now be able identify the user's particular device and only install the necessary apps (and other data) for that specific variant only.

With this feature, 16GB based Apple device owners can breathe a sigh of relief as they will never have to waste additional space for storing apps/files, which they had installed in other Apple devices like iPad or iPod Touch.