Once Upon A Time
The mid-season premiere episode of Once Upon A Time season 6 is titled Tougher Than the Rest.Facebook/Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time season 6 concluded its winter finale (episode 10) with lots of twists in the storyline and fans cannot really wait to watch the mid-season premiere episode. Episode 11 is titled Tougher Than the Rest and it will feature the real saviour of Emma Swan.

As the title suggests, Gideon could be the toughest of all the villains ever defeated by the heroes of Storybrooke. After all, he has been trained by the black fairy in a place with immense dark power where time runs differently and nothing makes sense.

Also, it will be difficult for Prince Charming a.k.a David Nolan and Captain Hook a.k.a Killian Jones to defeat the hooded villain without hurting Belle French. So the only possible way to stop him from killing Jennifer Morrison's character is to get him out of the dark world. For that, they need a new saviour and who could it be?

Find out who will deal with Gideon and stop him from killing Emma Swam
Once Upon A Time showrunner Eddy Kitsis has already hinted at introducing a new saviour in the mid-season premiere episode of season 6 and it could be Henry. According to him, viewers keep forgetting that he is the grandchild of Mr Gold. While interacting with a representative of TV Guide, Kitsis added that they are all weirdly tied together and it is going to cause tension between them all.

Even the dream sequence of the female protagonist in the winter finale indicates that her son could be the person who will stop the hooded figure from killing her. It shows him holding the sword with a red gem and confidently stepping forward to attack the Evil Queen while his mother is helpless.

However, in order to find out what lies ahead for the heroes of Storybrooke in Once Upon A Time season 6 episode 11, the followers will have to wait for the telecast of Tougher Than the Rest in March. Until then, they can watch the first half of the ABC fairytale series online here.