Robin and Regina from "Once Upon a Time"
Robin and Regina from "Once Upon a Time"Facebook/Once Upon a Time

"Once Upon a Time" has a way of making you root for the bad guys and showing that circumstances make people. The perfect example of this is the Evil Queen (Lana Parilla), who became a hero recently after letting go of all her anger and hatred.

Come Season 6, though, we will see that she is completely devoid of evilness, because that side of the Regina that fans started to love has become her own person. So, we will Parilla playing two characters, one being Regina and the other the personification of all her evilness.

However, does this mean she will not have an iota of negativity in her? Will be purer than, dare we say, Snow White?

Although it might seem that way, we have reasons to suspect that Regina might become at least a little bad in the upcoming episodes. According an interview with TV Line, even Parilla agrees.

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"...I think she's probably back to that thinking, "No good deed goes unpunished," but she's also losing some hope. And that's really our theme, isn't it? Hope. I feel like Regina is in a hopeless place right now, and we're going to see how she deals with those emotions in the season finale and also in Season 6," Parilla explains Regina's predicament to TV Line.

As fans know, not only has she lost Robin (Sean Maguire), the love of her life, she also has to live with the fact that her sister has a baby with him. To top it all off, she is incapable of having children and her evil doppelganger is out there wrecking havoc. This is more than enough for Regina to at least start being a little evil. It also remains to be seen if Zelena and Robin's baby will have any magic powers. 

All will be revealed when "Once Upon a Time" Season 6 will premiere on ABC. An official release date has not been announced, but based on the previous seasons we can expect the show to start airing from Sep. 25 or Oct. 2 this year.